Red Outcrops

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Red Outcrops is a 7 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Las Vegas, Nevada that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking and nature trips.

7.0 miles
1131 feet


nature trips



no shade

8 days ago

March 09, 2018

So first and foremost I got lost finding the trailhead (lol) I went and made up my own hike due to the fact I was beyond lost because Far Hills is closed due to the construction going on at the entrance of the trailhead. Housing development I think. Anyway, moving on. So after a hour of hiking and exploring the desert and following the natural wash and MTB and dirt bike tracks I found the trail for this loop. I was pretty much at the end by that time so I started back but did enjoy the loop once I found it. There are some pretty big red colored rocks you can climb over and get some great photos. I recommend going on a day after heavy winds so it blows all the city smog away and you can have a great view of The Strip and entire valley. The trail leading up to or back down (if you’re like me and get lost) is less desirable. Lots of broken glass and trash. Self made fire pits with shattered bottles from a night of partying. Definitely recommend mid boots as some of the terrain is slippery and loose gravel is everywhere. If you’re bringing a four legged friend watch out for the glass and other crap so they don’t get any in their paws. Encountered an enduro dirt bike and mountain biker during this trip so be mindful of that as well. Bring a decent amount of water as well. I killed 3/4 of my water before I even found the trail and my hydration pack is 1.5L. No shade whatsoever but then again we are smack dab in a desert. It is a nice little hike. Definitely worth another go for sure. Great cardio and calorie burner with great views.

16 days ago

Best hiked in cool weather. It’s worth the 3 miles to get up there!!

2 months ago

long trail to the rocks but once there it's amazing! too bad people have left crap out there but the rock scrambling is fun!

- take only pictures, leave only footprints

10 days ago

13 days ago

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