Lone Palm

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Lone Palm is a 4 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Boulder City, Nevada that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round.

4.0 miles
895 feet



nature trips






wild flowers




no dogs

The starting point for this hike is at a gravel parking area off of Highway 93 across from Kingman Wash Road. The route proceeds downhill in a series of washes toward the Colorado River, passing a tepid hot springs area just before reaching the river. A grouping of palm trees straddle the bank, waiting for you to visit. When the river levels are down, there is a hidden seasonal waterfall upstream in a side canyon that is impressive. The route provides lots of boulder scrambling. It can be done as an out-and-back hike for a distance of 4 miles or a loop hike of up to 5 miles. Total elevation gain is 550 feet on the return leg.

2 months ago

I'm surprised this trail is open year round. We went on 6/6/18 in 101 degree weather. It was brutal. The trail is not clearly marked at all. We followed what we thought was the trail which lead us to an 150-200 foot dead drop. We wandered around until we found what looked like another trail. Luckily smart hikers stacked rocks which eventually guided us down to the river. The river was beautiful and a welcome reprieve. There is a lot of scrambling climbs, and loose rock, so you need to be experienced. It was so hot, that the tread on my hiking shoes literally was burned off! Coming out, we got on what we thought was the Lone Palm trail, and it took us way out of the way, and away from the direction we needed to go in. We tried to use GPS, but service was in and out. Google couldn't pin our exact location, and the apps for hiking were of no use. We spent an hour by the river, after it taking 2 to get down. It took us wandering for 4 hours to get back to our car. We were almost at a point of calling search and rescue, as we ran out of the gallon per person and 32oz Gatorade each. I don't recommend doing this alone, inexperienced, or in the summer months. Unless you have a trail guide that will actually have you on the correct trail.

2 months ago

awesome hike, sadly didn't make it to the bottom; you absolutely need to bring a rope or have enough people in your group to pull or lift each other up. that part can not be emphasised enough. lots of going around and over boulders.

3 months ago

This hike is a lot of fun; a bit of scrambling, light climbing and beautiful views. The way down is relatively easy, however the way back up can be a bit more challenging based on your experience level. It requires a bit of climbing, and you will need to go up and around a couple spots where the trail seems to be at a dead end. I actually did this hike twice in a week, as I lost a silver chained dog tag that my wife gave me, and was hoping to find it, with no luck. If someone happens to find it, please get in touch.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Definitely not for the weaker hiker. I am not, nor was my friend. This used to be part of the Liberty Bell hike but no longer is. Make sure everything you go down, until you get near the river, you are willing to go back up. We followed the loop trail on this app and ended up at a dead end with no place to go back without proper equipment because of bad markings on the trail. We unfortunately needed search and rescue to find us. We were then notified by the Ranger of the trail change and that they don't encouraged and have tried to end the trail. Future hikers just need to follow the orange ties but be willing to go back everything you go down. After you view the river WITH the lone palm tree turn back. If not! There is a faint trail at the end of the wash to the right, not the left like the app says, that should loop you back to the trail along great the 93 to the parking area..... I wouldn't know considering I left at dark in a helicopter.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Ropes are required to get to the river. It's about a 40 foot drop. If you really wanted you could walk through mud past the hot spring, which is small, and maybe get to the river that way. Overall it was fun.

5 months ago

8 months ago