9.9 miles
659 feet
Out & Back


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historic site

2 months ago

This is my becoming my new favorite. If you're in for adventure and solitude, this trail is for you. Much of the trail winds back and forth across an active creek (probably seasonal) with you choosing your own route and frequently crossing the creek. It took until my way back on my first trip to effectively navigate the canyon grounds without getting bogged down in the muddy waters and thick branches of the creek. And even then, it wasn't until my second trip that I got more proficient and began to find a trail more often (hint: pay attention to the canyon walls and the creek side trees). There were lots of wild critters, and on both trips I saw a wild horse. This trail links up with a four-wheel trial just before the petroglyph site (which is incredible in its own right). Throughout this hike, you are constantly walking on difficult terrain. From rock to rock, up dry creek beds, it's few and far between when you can just comfortably let your foot fall in front of you without planning each step. On top of that, the consequences for failing to cross at the right time can entail jumping from muddy platforms and crawling beneath branches until you clear the muck. For these reasons I would classify this trail as hard. It may not be too tough later in the summer if the creek disappears. I'm excited to return every season to see how this area changes.