Gold Strike Hot Spring Trail

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Gold Strike Hot Spring Trail is a 4.5 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Boulder City, Nevada that features hot springs and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from October until May.

4.5 miles
935 feet
Out & Back



nature trips

rock climbing

trail running


hot springs


wild flowers





no shade

no dogs

NOTE: Closed to the public from May 1 until October 1. A strenuous hike through a wonderful canyon to some hot springs pools. This hike is one of a kind. There are 8 fixed ropes if you go all the way to the river. Some are difficult especially when coming back up. You will have wet boots and having them hold on the boulders you need to climb can be a slippery affair. At the 1.5 mile point of the hike, you come to the first obstacle, a large boulder with what looks like a nasty drop off. If you look at the rock wall to your right, you'll see some steps in the rock wall. There is a strap here to help you down the steps. Coming back, you really don't need the strap although it will give those who want some security an aid to come back up. A short distance after this, the wash opens into its widest of the hike, and several washes come in together. Keep walking down and you'll come to the next rope. This goes down the left side of the rock wall. This isn't difficult to do. You just need to use the rope as intended and walk down backwards while moving down the rope. There is one other slight work around in this area, too. There's a dry fall that some slide down. There is a blue arrow painted on the rocks to the left of the chute showing you how to walk around and down this dry fall. After you have cleared these obstacles, you arrive at what once was the Upper Goldstrike Hot Springs pools. Sadly, most have dried up. There are a few pools farther down that still have water, but you'll see the remnants of the pools that no longer have any source for filling. The rest has 5 fixed ropes, the last being a bit difficult, especially when you're coming back and you have those wet boots. This trail can be too strenuous for dogs.

2 days ago

excellent challenging trail with beautiful views!

3 days ago

Omg!!! What a challenging awesome hard trail!! Such great views walking thru the canyon. Lots of water and lots of springs (steaming water) some challenging areas going down holding on to a rope, going up was even harder. Ended up at the bottom of the canyon at the Colorado river looking onto the new Hoover damn bridge!!

8 days ago

This is my favorite hike in the Las Vegas area. It starts off pretty easy, but after a short while you have to climb down some ropes to continue on and it progressively gets harder. It is really a beautiful hike. The hot springs are really nice and relaxing, but there's a lot of traffic through here so you'll be lucky if you can get into one.

19 days ago

This is a magical trail! Along the way down to Black Canyon you'll pass many canyon walls and formations, big horn sheep, boulders to climb over, and many hot springs including the "Venus Cave." My mother told me that the "Venus Cave" has been used for a spiritual rebirthing ritual. The cave entrance resembles the female genitalia (see pictures). You swim unclothed through a five foot underwater tunnel (vagina) which opens up into a dark cave called the "womb" where you float on your back in the 98 degree water and meditate. When you are ready to come out, you swim back through the the tunnel and you are reborn.

21 days ago

Awesome hike. Some fun scrambling if you want. Ropes to help you up and down. Not so much for kids, people tend to get naked in the hot springs.

very enjoyable hike! it starts off easy but by the end you are scaling down some surprisingly big rocks. be careful and be able to climb up some boulders with only some rope as help.

23 days ago

Great hike. hiked many times. ppl please pack it in pack it out. also be aware of the lack of daylight. allow yourself enough time to get in and out. novice hikers may take around 3-4 hours round-trip. more experienced hikers can do it in Two. always amazing views and ppl from around the world. Shout out Germany. springs are great...

26 days ago

So much fun! Bring water and wear shoes with good traction. Some of the rock drop offs are slick.

1 month ago

Wow! Great hike recommended by a local Vegas citizen. Took 3+ hours there and back. Several hit springs you can relax in too. Strenuous climbing and scrambling. View of Colorado River is breathtaking.

1 month ago

Fantastic Hike! Very Challenging. Great workout for the whole body. We completed it in 5 hours with an hour break. We are a couple in our 60's. I needed a little help from Hubby to get up and down the ropes and slides but we came through it unscathed. Tired but totally satisfied. The hot water that comes out of the rocks at the river over towards the bridge is scalding hot. Don't miss it!

1 month ago

My favorite and most challenging trail around the Vegas Valley and can be safe if dressed appropriately and hiking with enough water. Give yourself at least 30-60 min at the end to enjoy the view and have a lunch and if you go over to the right side by the rocks the water has warm pockets all around the edge of the Colorado River.

1 month ago

Beautiful hotsprings near vegas; but go Early to avoid lots of other hikers

1 month ago

Hard. Beautiful. Some climbing ropes and scrambling. It took us a solid 5 hours down to the river and back - 4 adults and 1 child. Pack snacks and plenty of water.

1 month ago

fun and hard

1 month ago

Super fun. Only challenge is some of the ropes down slippery rocks.

1 month ago

You have to be conditioned, and in shape. I've done this hike out of shape and thought I might die, and I've done it in shape and it was a lot more fun. I LOVE THIS HIKE!! Bring a bathing suit so you can enjoy the hot springs. Please don't bring dogs or small children.

1 month ago


1 month ago

Please People..Be Respectful! Be patient! Be Careful!
Pay Attention to where you step, things can get slippery.
Bring Lots of Water, An extra pair of clean Dry socks, Snacks, and Shoes. And More Water!
Lots of Boulders to go up and, but theres Ropes to help along the way. Whatever Trash you make, Then that Trash You Take!!!! Dont throw Your trash between boulders, or over ur shoulder. Its Disrespectful, Childish, IGNORANT and Disgusting. Litter'ers, all i gotta say to you is YOUR MOTHER SHOULD HAVE SWALLOWED YOU.
Everyone Else, Enjoy the Hike !!!

2 months ago

Can I get an amen?
The hike was super fun but 3x separate groups were walking with music which def made my experience less enjoyable than it should have been so I’ll put this out there:

1-you’re not alone in and other people want to enjoy nature.
2-you’re in a canyon. We can all hear your shitty music.
3-it’s dangerous. If someone is hurt and needs help I just hear your all we hear is your music bouncing through the canyon.
4- wear an earbud if you really can’t be alone with your thoughts.

2 months ago

We tried this hike on 11/14/2017 and were not able to access the TH since access to Goldstrike Canyon Rd was closed off. We inquired with security and park services on how to access the trail and were advised that the only access to the TH was by crossing private land, and the land owner is forbidding people from using their property to access the TH. As responsible hikers, it's up to us to set the example by hiking responsibly and not crossing private property without permission. Park Services could not say how long the access road will be closed, but it's in-part due to the heavy road construction going on in the area. I recommend calling ahead to the Lake Mead Visitors and Information Center before heading out for this hike to check accessibility.

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