Boy Scout Canyon is a 3.8 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Boulder City, Nevada that offers scenic views and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 3.8 miles Elevation Gain: 380 feet Route Type: Loop

dog friendly


nature trips

bird watching


Thu Jun 02 2016

We did this trail as part of a 2-day Kayak Las Vegas solo canoe trip. This was a great spot - we actually canoed downstream, explored a few of the spots farther away and canoed back upstream so that when the group left the base of the Hoover Dam we weren't all visiting the same spots at the same time. It worked out perfectly because by the time we got back up to BoyScout Canyon we had the entire thing to ourselves and we camped there for the night. A few notes: -canoeing upstream is HARD. Definitely do not recommend doing this if there's a strong current or if you're not in the mindset to do the work. -dig a little trench around your tent if you camp there for the night - the water level fluctuates a lot, and the runoff from the hot springs doesn't dissipate in the night (like it does in the day time sun), so there will be more water spread than you expect. -definitely push yourself to get up those ropes! it's worth it!

Sat May 02 2015

My husband and I hiked Boy Scout Canyon from the top down, then back up. We drove our jeep as far down the wash as allowed, then hiked down the wash and used the alternative route down, not the 330ft rappel. We used ropes and our harnesses to descend the first 50+ft over the ridge line. We hiked down the wash encountering numerous waterfalls with ropes left to help maneuver them. We researched the route before we attempted it and found the birdandhike website very informative. We didn't make it all the way to the river, maybe had about a mile left? This was a very strenuous, steep and slippery hike.

Tue Mar 11 2014

Went out this last weekend to Boy Scout canyon with my wife. The canyon is pretty much located behind the boulder rifle pistol club. There is a sign that says 4x4 recommended on the road into the canyon. The road turns very sandy and would be easy to get stuck if you lost momentum. We drove through it in our 2wd Nissan frontier. There are a couple spots where high ground clearance is needed. alternatively you could park at the 4wd sign and hike in from there, but that would add 2 miles each way. Once to the trail head the hike was very easy. There are a couple places where you have to climb down about 15 feet using hands and feet. But it wasn't difficult going up or down. The canyon was great with plenty of good views. Wild flowers of all types were blooming. We didn't see anyone else in the canyon or even on the road into it. This was a great lesser traveled trail.

4 months ago

Sat Feb 11 2017

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