5.9 miles
3,953 feet
Out & Back

dogs on leash




4 days ago

We hiked the Queen Canyon Trail head. The road had some scarier parts because it rained that day and parts were washed out. It was fine in our truck but still a little scary at night. Even five miles prior to the trail head there were big washouts that would be questionable to pass without a high clearance vehicle.

I really enjoyed the Queen Canyon route we chose and thought it was great, but I don't know how the other trial is. The first part is steep but fine. Then it gets flat for over a mile. It's a nice break from thee steep. Then the second steep part was the toughest. I'm SO glad we brought trekking poles. It got really steep and these helped with balance. It made it better to get up. After this steep part it got a little more flat. Then the last steep part was the summit. I thought this part wasn't as bad as the previous steep part. Some people mentioned the scree being bad, but we felt most of the hike we had sure footings and we were in running shoes.

A lot of reviews said they struggled to see the trail. This wasn't our case at all. It was easy to follow and not get lost. I'm not an avid hiker, but I'm fit. It took three hours to get up and two to get down. We jogged the flat part on the way down. I did feel like we had a faster pace than average and didn't take any breaks.