5.9 miles
3,953 feet
Out & Back

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1 month ago

I got perfect weather and summited 8/17/2018 via Queen's Mine in about 10 hours. The road up to the first parking area was drivable with AWD/4WD as I saw a Subaru Impreza in addition to my Ford Expedition, but 2WD vehicles likely won't make it up under current conditions (looks like they've gotten some rain recently). The final mile drive up to the second parking area wasn't easily doable with my Expedition so I gave that up and walked it.

While I'm in ok shape for a guy with a desk job, I live in PA and am by no means a high altitude hiker. If you're in a similar position, I would rate this hike as difficult but doable provided you take it slow like I did. One word of caution is to don't get overzealous and make sure you're minding your elevation gain rate. I gained the second parking area and saddle much too quickly and started feeling a little sick. Resting, rehydrating, and eating a snack at the saddle for about 30 minutes did the trick and I was able to complete the hike but I don't think I would've needed such a long stop if I had been more careful on the way up.

As many have mentioned, the scree can be a real PITA but slow and steady wins the race. Not many folks hike this peak so you're likely to be alone which presents some additional risk, so be careful.

All in all, great hike up to the Nevada state highpoint!