Sky Rim Loop Trail

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Sky Rim Loop Trail is a 18 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Emigrant, Montana that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from July until September.

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2 months ago

This trail was a blast and make no mistake, very challenging. We started from the Daly Creek Trailhead, and headed up the trail around 730 am. We went clockwise on the loop,and were glad we did, because at about mile 13 or so, there is a mountain to climb that is essentially straight up and very challenging, but coming down would have been much worse. The last 5 miles (after the previously discussed incline) was challenging and felt long, but it was worth it. We did see a Grizzly about about mile 15 (1 mile from completing the loop) and that was cool. He/She took off up the mountain at light speed and it was cool to see. The views on this hike were amazing, and worth every step. My wife and I were proud to complete it together and it took us about 9 hrs, 30 minutes with about 3-40 minutes of breaks for meals, snacks, etc.

3 months ago

Awesome day hike for an active adventurer. Super cool views on both sides of the ridge. Lots of pretty butterflies but of course there are mozzies and horseflies as well. Bring bug spray if you want to hang out and relax! Going to Bighorn Peak is worth the extra 3/4 mile roundtrip to see some bighorn sheep. If you start early watch for grizzly bears. Saw one a few miles in, as other reviewers have stated (7/14/18).

3 months ago

Great trail. What others have said is true. You need a full day for this hike. If you come in Daly Creek trail in the morning bring extra socks our feet were soaked because of the dew on the grass. Prepare for ups and downs on the rim. Some cool features on this hike are petrified wood (and large tree stumps) and also wildlife. We encountered a grizzly on trail but he ran the other way. Trail also had a good amount of snow at the top at the end of June.

3 months ago

Saw a grizzly bear near campsite WF2 7/9/18

8 months ago

Really long and tough. We were in good shape with two collegiate track athletes and it took us 10 hours. The rim is actually a bunch of up and downs with the final push going up 700’ at 30• and there is still 8 or 9 miles to go after that. Bring lots of water. There is none at the top. Views are beautiful. No wildlife.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

From big horn peak to shelf lake there are some pretty crazy drops. The views are absolutely insane.

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