Highline Trail to Granite Park

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Highline Trail to Granite Park is a 11.2 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near East Glacier Park, Montana that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from June until September.

11.2 miles
1,466 feet
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2 days ago

SPECTACULAR HIKE!! We started at Logan Pass, the trail follows Going to the Sun Road just 100 ft up and gives sweeping views of the valley. Smoke kind of made the views less amazing than normal but still amazing! The last few miles from the chalet are very steep but better to go down that way than up it! A must do hike when in Glacier! When we got to the the Loop we took the shuttle back to Logan Pass which took a while but was better than making our way all the way back. We had a very scary run in with 4 bighorn sheep that we accidentally spooked when coming around a blind corner so just be cautious while hiking! Great hike though!

3 days ago

This hike is indeed epic as all get out. This was our first hike in the park when we went (late july). Forget all the poop you're hearing about starting at logan pass (which you can't right now anyways because of the fire closings.) Logan Pass is too "grandma-feeding-squirrels-out-of-her-car-window" anyways. We did this from The Loop to Logan Pass and it ended up being 12 miles even. Then shuttled back. The way the views progress on this route is better than the suggested opposite way.

This hike aint no joke friends. It's as tough as nails without any milk. Bring water and when in doubt, pinky out.

Disclaimer: this hike is honestly not as good as Siyeh Pass or Grinnell.
That is all. Respect nature. Goodbye.

3 days ago

great hike, we took shuttle to Logan pass and ended at the Loop and went with shuttle to Apgar, it took us around 5 hours

7 days ago

Great hike! It's got the views of Going to the Sun road but you are outside and right along a mountain, immersed in nature. Spectacular views the whole way. I was surprised to see this was rated difficult! It wasn't too steep until you are going down which is a bit rough on the knees. Overall a good choice in hikes while you are in Glacier.

8 days ago

Absolutely hands down my favourite hike. It’s going to be hard to beat. The hike up to Grinnell is crazy intense but the view

13 days ago

We did the loop. The loop was fantastic and the views are amazing the entire way to the Chalet. When the weather is hot, the descent from the Chalet is a little rough due to constant exposure to the sun. Bring 3-4 liters of water.

15 days ago

My family did this hike on July 28th. We began at Logan's Pass before 8am. The parking lot at Logan's Pass was almost full by then, so begin early. The wildflowers, foliage, colorful rocks and various water features throughout the Garden Wall were indescribably spectacular! The trail gained altitude at a steady, pleasant pace until we decided to take the switchback to the Grinnell Overlook. That was the longest .6 miles in history! Thankfully the views at the top were a great reward for our efforts. Coming down from the overlook was sketchy as the trail was razor thin and there were many patches of slick, wet rock to cross. When we reached the chalet, we were thankful for restrooms (ok, pit toilets). We descended through a recovering burn area in the heat of the afternoon. We ended at The Loop. We waited for a very long time for my sons to catch the shuttle to Logan's Pass to get the car. A great plan would be to begin even earlier, take two cars, leave one at The Loop, and the second one at Logan's pass. We are so glad we chose this hike!

18 days ago

Beautiful views!

20 days ago

did it on 7/26.
The BEST trail in entire park.
make sure to clime to Grinnell Glacier overlook from the 6.8 miles mark sign from Logan Pass Visitor Center. It's very steep 0.6 miles (more like 0.8) clime. once you get to the lookout, you will see people going to the very top of the rocks in distance and you make sure you do it too so that you will see not only the Grinnell Glacier but also 3 more lakes behind it. After that you can continue your way to Granite Park Chalet. you can buy cold gatorade and water there to refill and recharge.
You can also hike 4 miles to Loop trail head to catch shuttle service instead of going back to Logan Pass visitor center.
Again, this is a MUST trail you should do in park.

22 days ago

Amazing views, fun, only the last 4 miles are challenging, make noises in the tight trails so a bear doesn’t eat your face off, ENJOY!!! Can be done right under 5 hours if you are at a steady pace

25 days ago

Great views, easy and heavily trafficked.

25 days ago

Completed July 23, 2018

This is a hike and a must do and not as technical as one would think. .
A good thing to know is that the shuttle service is confusing if you are new to the park. Like most of us die hards there are a few tricks I have learned .

1- There are shuttles that can get you right to the Logan's Pass trail head. But you want to get on them early. We were told that if you can leave from the Apgar transit station around 7-7:15 ish they take you straight up to Logan pass. The ones that leave around 9 am and later stop in a couple places and then you have to transfer at Avalanche. Often the bus's that pick up after Apgar are full or can only take a couple of people. Then at Avalanche you can wait for a long time (hour or more easy) to get onto the next bus that is smaller bus to go the rest of the way. Don't try parking at the loop and heading up to the pass either as you can wait even longer there as again the small busses only hold about 16 people and are full by that time. Crazy but true. I recommend heading out early and catching those direct buses if you are in the west end of the park. Not sure when busses start leaving the St. Mary Area. Your other option is to park at Logan's Pass before 8 am and then shuttle back from the Loop or just turn back at the Chalet. (The trail after the Chalet is not that exciting anyway)

2- You must bring 2 good size bottles of water - that’s a must. Up top it gets very hot. If you are going to the Chalet they sell water and treats but they only take US cash and as you would expect, it's not cheap

I went all the way up to Garden wall and it was amazing . I hike like a stud so I will not give a time frame as mine will not help most. I can say this . You can do it in 6-7 hrs at a regular pace, if you are going end to end. If you want to turn back at the Chalet, allow extra time for the extra distance

I hope I made some hikers day by giving this extra information that I have learned . Enjoy everyone !!

26 days ago

Completed 7/2018. Took just under 6 hours to finish (from Logan Pass to The Loop trailhead) with a small lunch break at the Chalet. Used 2L of water in total. Arrive at Logan Pass visitor center by~7am to get a parking spot.

1 month ago

Going to this hike Friday 7/19 or Saturday 7/20! Female solo hiker if anyone else would like company or dosent mind one more to add to a group feel free to text or call 9188431335.

1 month ago

We hiked on 7/5/2018. This is the greatest hike for day hikers in the park!
1. Route: I started from the Logan pass, took the garden trail/ highline trail, detoured at the 7 mile to Grinnell glacier overlook (out & back), passed by the Granite Park Chalet, and ended up at the trail head of the loop.
2.Great view: you will pass snow, bushes, water falls, pine forest, meadows and creeks.
3. Location of the detour to Grinnell Glacier overlook: The overlook is 7 miles from Logan pass down and 4 miles with 2k elevation gain from the trail head of the loop. The trail to the overlook is 0.6 mile one-way with elevation gain of 1000ft, very strenuous.
4. Gears: We did not use hiking poles but it is recommended if you want to go to the overlook. The road up to the overlook is steep and narrow.
5. Road conditions: some part of the trail was covered by snow and water.
6. Wear: most people end up short sleeves w/ long sleeves carried w them.
7. Water: bring at least 2L water per person.
8. Commute: if you take the shuttle from Apgar Village, you have to get off the shuttle at Avalanche Creek Shuttle Stop to transfer to small size shuttle to get to Logan pass. It took us TWO hours to commute by shuttle bus from Apgar village to Logan pass. The large shuttle takes about 23-24 people (leave 4 seats for people from other stops) and small shuttle takes 14-15 persons from Avalanche. I had to wait for the second shuttle for both locations.

4 months ago

Hiked on August 2, 2017. It was foggy and misty but with regular breaks of sunlight. This is one of the best hikes I have ever done. Magical views of Glacier National Park; water, multi-colored rocks, sunlight, greenery and wildflowers everywhere. The top down hike was still challenging enough and the park shuttle back to the parking lot was much appreciated!

6 months ago

There is a reason why this hike is rated as #1 in most travel guides that I've seen. It is also extremely popular, so be advised that parking is an issue at Logan Pass unless you arrive really early, and the lower parking lots fill up quickly too. When we visited (July 2017), there was no waiting system in place, so all the cars waiting for a free spot would just cruise through the lot and if you got lucky, someone would leave just as you were approaching. If you didn't get lucky, well, you could spend your day driving around the parking lot.
Anyway, back to the hike itself, as others have said, the views are absolutely stunning, and they also change significantly as you go, so you really don't get bored. A lot of people on the trail seem to only go as far as the Haystack Butte before turning around so, beyond there, things get significantly quieter, even though the views are no less spectacular. We saw several marmots and, apparently, missed a bear with a cub by minutes. Flowers were in full bloom in mid-July.
The last section from the Granite Chalet down to the road is not terribly exciting but it's also not very long, even if it can get a tad tedious on a hot day. If you are planning to take the park shuttle back to Logan, be prepared to wait, as they can come pretty full already.
Anyway, if there is just one hike that you are going to do in Glacier and don't mind that it can be pretty busy, this one is a great choice!

Friday, August 11, 2017

All previous reviews are correct. Amazing hike with amazing views. If you don't think you can make the 11 mile trip to the loop, I'd recommend going in a couple of miles and back. The views will be well worth it

Sunday, August 06, 2017

We did this 2 days ago, starting out at 8:30am. Note: the parking lot at Logan Pass was already full by 8am. We parked at the lower lot and hiked up to trailhead. Heavily trafficked at the beginning but people really thinned out after haystack butte. The cliff walk is wide enough for three across, wildflowers were gorgeous (bear grass was past peak, but lots of beautiful fireweed). Views were spectacular but heavy smoke in the area from wildfires in MT, ID, and Canada really affected air quality. It took us about 4 hours to get to the Chalet from TH. Pack lunch and enjoy the view once you get there!

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