10.2 miles
3,937 feet
Out & Back

dog friendly



trail running





1 month ago

This trip starts high up on a mountain. If you enjoy a lung buster uphill grade in a full pack this trip is for you. My two Labs and I did an overnight there a couple of nights ago. The weather was beautiful sunny and in the low 70's. As I said the trail starts for the first mile going pretty much straight up. Once you reach the ridge things ease up. you follow a ridge for the next section. The trail weaves back and forth over the ridge giving you views of the Kootenai valley way below and next you are looking into the Cabinets and down at Engle Lake if that is your destination. I had intended to go and spend the night and get up the next morning to explore the Peak which has a trail to the top. But when I got to the lake I found huge patches of unpicked Huckleberries so I had to pick abou13 cups. But getting back to the trail. you follow the ridge and all of a sudden it drops off the side of the mountain going down towards the Kootenay valley. Don't dispear as I did. This will get you to the lake you just have to drop off that side of the mountain to cut through a boulder field. Once you go back up the other side the trail to the lake awaits. It is a steep drop of 3/4 mile down to the lake. It is a pretty lake. Lots of fish were jumping. There are two nice campgrounds on either side of the outlet we camped o the far side it is more level. take plenty of water as there is none along the way. I'm going back again this week to get more huckleberries.