Photos of Boulder Lake

12.6 miles
2,716 feet
Out & Back

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horseback riding



5 months ago

It pains me to only give 3 stars, but here's why: The hike itself would rate 4 stars, with one caveat - instead of descending to Boulder Lake (which truly has massive swarms of mosquitoes), simply take the side trail to Boulder Point, which not only has a great view of the lake below, but also of the surrounding area. Unfortunately, the 18 miles that you have to drive on various dirt roads once you turn off from Rte 200 is a killer if you don't have a vehicle with high clearance, as well as nerves of iron, if not steel. I was driving a regular sedan - big mistake! The first 5-6 miles was OK, except for having to watch out for periodic potholes. After that, not only did the way get narrower and narrower (with long stretches where, if you happen to meet someone coming the other way (which I did), it's quite problematic how to get to a point where one vehicle can actually squeeze by the other without going off a cliff), but it also got quite rough, particularly the last 5 miles or so. I don't have much hair anyway, but what little I had was standing on end. In addition, the end point given in the "directions" tab is quite a ways short of the actual trail head. (Correct coordinates are 47.02817 -113.79993.) It took me well over 1.5 hours to cover the dirt road portion. And, of course, once you done the hike, you have to drive back!