Photos of Rock Hollow Greenway and Al Foster Trail

4.8 miles
78 feet
Out & Back

dogs on leash

kid friendly


trail running


partially paved



3 months ago

There are several hidden gems along these trails. Pick your terrain: paved, crushed stone, sandy, or dirt. In the woods, next to a river, shaded trail that's kid friendly, wheelchair accessible, mountain biking, hiking, this system of trails cover them all.

Rock Hollow begins on Ridge Rd at the elementary school. It's paved with woods on either side of the trail. My niece is in a wheelchair. While it was a little challenging going up the incline in the last mile back to the car, it wasn't a deterrent from coming back a second time. For those who don't want a cultivated paved trail, endure it for a mile or so. You'll get to a few entrances into the woods for a more rugged hike or mountain biking. 10 miles worth I believe. I don't know where the one to the left goes. I hiked it for about an hour linear then turned back. The trail to the right of the Rock Hollow trail goes to Bluffview which overlooks The Meramec River. Rock Hollow, Al Foster, and another trail (I don't remember its name) all converge. It's all well marked.

Sherman Park has the Al Foster trail to the right. It's crushed stone and also wheelchair friendly. It's well shaded and runs along the Meramec River. If you go to the left at the trailhead, it's sandy beach type terrain only for 5 or ten minutes. Then it's into the woods for hiking.

If you want to go hiking or even just walking in seclusion, my advice is to hit it early on a weekday.