Coyote Trail; Prairie State Park

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Coyote Trail; Prairie State Park is a 1 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Liberal, Missouri that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and camping and is accessible year-round.

1.0 miles Loop

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wild flowers

no dogs

Coyote Trail is a prairie experience with includes a backpack camping area which is just off the trail, where you could experience the howl of a coyote or the bugle of an elk in the evening. A water crossing is along the trail. This trail is just as different and varied as the other trails at Prairie state park. It may seem strange that a backpacking camp is located on a trail only 1 mile long; but because of the connectivity of the all the trails at the park, one can hike/backpack several miles before or after the overnight. On this trail, you might come across a den of coyotes with the pups playing nearby or hear a song bird yelling at them to get away from its nest in the sumac patches. A covey of northern bobwhite quail may be seen as they scatter away or an owl might be heard in the evenings while hiking along this trail. To the west of the trail, elk may be viewed in the distance.

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This is a great place to explore and see a variety of plant life. If you're into prairies then this is your best bet in the 4-state area, especially because you can also see bison grazing throughout the park. There are some areas with trees and hills that make the hike worth it.

I thought it was a nice touch to have a trail on the other side of an electric fence. Just be sure to be careful and read directions if you're not familiar with it.

The best part is the bison. Go check out the visitor center and see the location of the herd!

1 year ago

When you wake up on the small rise in a circle of twitchy prairie grass, you feel like you're the first person-- or maybe the last-- to see the sunrise.

This is one of my favorite spots in SWMO. Stop by the visitor's center and check with the ranger to make sure you're out of the way of the bison before you set out. The trail is only a mile, but the view from the backpacking campsite is the best for miles. No roads, no soybean fields, no towns, no people, no street lights. A good place to get away for just a night.

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