Clark Creek Improved Trail

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Clark Creek Improved Trail is a 4.1 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Woodville, Mississippi that features a waterfall. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running, and birding. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

4.1 miles
629 feet

dogs on leash



trail running






An easy walk in and out, wide trails, well kept, easy access. Beautiful waterfalls! Gravel walking path 6-10 feet wide. Stairs for added on steep inclines. Stairs available at waterfalls for access to the bottom.

29 days ago

We drove to walk these trails and had a blast. well maintained and clear path markers. We enjoyed the fact that we could take our dogs on a leash. Beautiful scenery.

1 month ago

1 month ago

where do I start! saw the park ranger or whatever that grumpy looking sob is! I said hey how are you and I get back a barely audible grumble of something like good. then I find out i have a ticket on my windshield saying i needed to put money in an envelope then in the honor box! if I do that, where is the honor? its a box with a receipt you yourself do the work for! also this is a natural area not a state park so why did I have to pay for a visit in nature? trails were not marked as I could see and no one looked happy! I started off like all the trails in Tennessee with anyone you pass, you or they will say hey or hi or something, 90 something percent of everyone we passed never said a word. doesn't look like a good time to me and it almost wasn't. I left irritated and not happy to actually almost see something neat in Mississippi but alas it was not good! I even saw some parked almost 2/10 of a mile out! nope not ever will I return here, go see rodney or Windsor ruins free and nice, plus they are marked lol! oh and do something with that extra 5 I had to throw in like buy a board for the one missing on the steps

2 months ago

Nice get away from the landscape of the southeastern region of the US. Nice in the fall or rainy spring.

5 months ago

such an awesome hike!

7 months ago

Clark Creek Trail
Clark Creek WMA has two separate trails within the park. The first is a well trafficked and well maintained trail with stairs at steeper points on the hills. The second trail, the primitive tail is about a mile down the first trail and is called primitive for a reason. The second tail runs along the creek and has little to no marking other than small rectangular reflective yellow strips on a few of the trees along the trail. Waterfalls were quite deep but with very little water-flow as it was fed by a small creek. After heavy rains it can be seen that the water levels rise significantly. The hills are constant on the trail, either hiking up or down with constant gradient which makes for a moderate difficulty.
Witnessed dozens of grey squirrels and approximately ten chipmunks and was flagged by a startled white-tailed deer slightly off the primitive trail.

8 months ago

If you go to Clark Creek I would strongly advise you to go during the week while children (of all ages) are in school. If you want a good hike with some challenges I suggest you get a map and hike the primitive trail, it should take you about four to five hours. There are plenty uphill and downhill challenges, some areas you may have to slide or scoot down on your rear. It’s quite a surprise of a hike if you aren’t expecting anything more than moderate, some spots are downright tough.
November 25th 2017 was my third and last trip there. The gravel on the improved trail is not easy to walk on, especially where the grade is steep. I like the primitive trail and the creek trail but it’s sad how domesticated the area has become.
I like how difficult the primitive tail is, its good practice to stay in shape for long hikes but I believe that many don’t understand the difference between hiking the creek trail, the improved trail and the primitive trail. The primitive trail is about 75% in the woods and the creek is, in the creek and the improved trail is nearly all gravel.
My last two trips there were very disappointing as I passed several youths with boom boxes and sports drinks, which were tossed into the woods. Dogs were left to wonder and children were pulling up the vegetation.

9 months ago

Great day out doing woodland photography. Some STEEP areas. Walking the creek is easy. Bring LOTS of WATER and snacks. Very nice trail for woodland and waterfall photography. First waterfall about 15 minute hike

9 months ago

Following the creek is an easy hike. If you follow the trail loop it is a bit more challenging. Some steep parts with narrow parts of the trail. We found six of the seven waterfalls, some were running dry. Bring water, the two of us went through three liters plus a few water bottles.

Creek is the more popular attraction and you’ll see plenty of people and dogs. We didn’t see anyone doing the main trail until we came back up the creek by the three front waterfalls. Definitely worth it, earlier the better for us.

10 months ago

Beautiful land with a challenging hike over some steep ridges that lead down to some very nice waterfalls.

10 months ago

We had a great time! It was a little tough in some spots but manageable. We kind of did a zig zag between the Improved and Primitive trails and even went off course to explore a little. The scenery is beautiful!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Great trail. Well maintained and awesome scenery. Some of the steepest grades I've seen in South MS/ LA makes for one heck of a workout. Print out some maps ahead of time and avoid the "prime" times to avoid the teenagers. I will be going back.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

My sisters and I completed this hike as our last stop on a MS waterfall tour. The trails were well maintained although I second the suggestion from another hiker to bring a printed map. The stairs and trails were well maintained. Gorgeous scenery as you hike the creek bed. Bathrooms were clean and appreciated.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Recently done with two 30-somehtings, a 9 year old and 6 year old.
Impressive topography as compared to most of South Louisiana and Mississippi.
Be sure to check the forecast well. We got caught in an unexpected downpour. There is no cover from the rain and the clay soil gets very slick very quickly. It also dried out fairly quickly though.
Minimal signage apart from a few small map plaques. Be prepared with a printed or downloaded map, because cell signal is spotty.
The kids were able to handle everything, with some assistance. They really enjoyed trekking down the Creek.
Lots of groups of young people, but no one causing trouble that we saw. (other than the annoyance of many of them carrying speakers)
Be prepared to have to head up to head out
Definitely worth a day trip.

Monday, July 03, 2017

We hike here a few times per year, great hike. Several waterfalls. What you forget is that you were dissenting the whole time, therefore heading back to the parking lot is always a beast.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Glad we did this. It was nice to unplug and get some time in nature.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

We went after a lot of rain, the waterfall and creek was beautiful!

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

I really like the area. The trail itself is nice once you get off of the gravel. At the time I made my hike (using the term loosely) the ground was wet from days of rain so it was slippery. But since the majority of the trail is in the creek it wasn’t a problem. The hike can be vigorous and exciting so bring plenty of drinking water and you better spray with bug repellent. My intention was to hike the primitive trail again but because of the steep elevation changes on slippery soil we opted to stay where it was a little safer.
Again, the area is beautiful but many of the folks that go there, in my opinion, have little respect for nature. I would suggest to parents and young adults, just because you are in nature doesn’t mean you have to act like an animal.
If you want to enjoy the creek without the harassing noise of juveniles I would go during the week, not the weekend.
(It gets three stars because of the juveniles making noise)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Sunday, April 09, 2017

If you are not in some kind of's hard walk back to your car. But we had blast anyway.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

awesome workout!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I made a trip to the Improved Trail on Feb 12, 2017, (I've hiked the primitive trial several times) my whole purpose was to photograph the scenery in the creeks but I was disappointed by the foot traffic through the creeks. I know that it's a nice natural area and great for walking but so many people are just so neglectful and disrespectful of nature. I was discouraged by the trash on the ground, people allowing their pets (dogs) to roam around unleashed and allowing their children to pull up vegetation, with the occasional teen groups loudly dropping eff bombs. It sort of reminded me of a mall where parents just drop off their kids expecting the social gathering to be all of the supervision needed.
I will return but I won't do the tourist trail (Improved Trail) again.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

The Clark Creek Natural Area improved trail is not nearly as tough as the primitive loop, but definitely not a walk in the park with the steep elevation change near the trail head! But, it wasn't too much for my wife and 7-year-old daughter. We hiked the improved trail to the stairs at the end (bearing right at each fork), then ate lunch by the waterfall. Instead of climbing back up the stairs and going back along the ridgeline, we just followed the creek south and turned left (east) where it meets another creek (chain across creek with Do Not Enter sign is on the right), then followed that creek all the way back to the first fall.

Our hike was approx. 3 miles round trip on my GPS.

There's a good PDF map you can print out here:

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Decent trail.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Had a great time

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Good scenery

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Clark Creek Improved Trails are ok. It's a nice walk if you want to take your young kids out into a wooded setting. Some areas will require you to really watch out for very young children since there are no rails or fences to keep them from dangerous area such as steep drops. The "improved" trails are graveled, I don't like it when walking up a steep grade but I guess overall it's ok.
I would suggest that with some of the revenue the state receives from the fee they could better label the trail system altogether. For the most part you are following the crowd without knowledge of where you are walking to.
Restrooms are well kept and it's a highly traveled area so the safety factor is up there for folks not use to being outdoors.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Great Hike! This is one of the top trails in Mississippi. The trail is heavily used and can be challenging on some of the more primitive areas due to the erosive nature of the soils and tree root exposure from heavy foot traffic. The natural area is home to some very large hardwood tree species and three state record trees can be found here if you want to wander off the trail a bit.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

SO MUCH fun!!! I can't wait to go back and do the primitive trail. For someone who is pretty new to hiking, it was a little rough at some points....but not enough to keep from doing it again!

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Really great environment and friendly people! We will be back with our kids!

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