18.3 miles
246 feet
Point to Point

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2 months ago

Although I would have liked to give a 5-star review for this trail, there are a few major issues that caused me to remove three stars. The trail is shorter than the route posted here and lacks interesting landscape for the second half of the hikable portion of the trail.

I believe the other reviews for this trail are based on the first 3-4 miles of trail which consists of a dirt path with a layer of sand on top and is about 1.5 car widths wide. This part of the trail is very easy to walk and has some decent views of changing landscapes. However, once you have passed this part of the trail things change.

This trail is much skinnier and requires that you follow trees marked with blue paint. After taking this portion of the trail for ~1 mile you end up on a dirt, country road. The actual trail deviates from the road from time to time but I found it difficult to find these diverging trails and ended up just traveling on the road for a while longer. This was not really what I had wanted to spend my time hiking since it was a cleared dirt road with little more than ditches to look at while walking. At ~5-6 miles in there was a difficult to see the entrance to continue on the trail (once again marked by blue paint on trees). I entered here and the foliage became much more intrusive. About a mile further into this, the path became impassable. There were large weeds interspersed with thickets of trees and raspberry bushes. The blue paint marking our path also seemed to end. I did use GPS and the route provided to move forward but the plants were too thick.

This is the crux of my 2-star rating. If you are planning on backpacking the 18-mile trail I don't believe it is possible at this time of year. After ~8-9miles of hiking the trail disappears in thick brush and trees. Although I can't be mad about this as the trail is cleared by volunteers and I know that I would not want to be in charge of clearing that thick forest, it would have been nice to see that the trail is much shorter than the advertised description.