Love Creek County Park & Nature Center

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Love Creek County Park

Love Creek County Park & Nature Center is a 3.6 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Berrien Center, Michigan that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

Distance: 3.6 miles Elevation Gain: 223 feet Route Type: Loop

wheelchair friendly

kid friendly

stroller friendly

cross country skiing


mountain biking

nature trips


bird watching




wild flowers


no dogs

Trails were very wide and grassy.

Well maintained, mostly shade.

1 month ago

Perfect trail on a perfect day. What a gift!

1 month ago

Great place to hike. Trails are a bit narrow in some places which gets tricky if people are out biking. Overall beautiful place.

4 months ago

Beautiful trails, well maintained, exceptionally clean. A few moderate uphill stretches that can get your heart rate up.

Fun and beautiful! Slippery when muddy though...

This is a beautiful area. There are 8 trails (including a mountain bike trail) BUT some of the junctions are poorly marked. When I’m on the trail I do not want to be stuck in my phone but I was glad I had the GPS because I would have gotten lost. There is also an entry fee, $3 for county residents, $5 for non. You can rent mountain bikes in the nature center.

7 months ago

Very nice trails, I would mark better some parts. The loops aren't so bad, but the trails aren't very clear.

Very well maintained, easy to get lost though

bridge out
11 months ago

I love the trails but I tend to get a bit confused in direction with the sporadic trail markers. The wild flowers are beautiful. I appreciate the differing elevations.

bridge out
Fri Apr 19 2019

This is beautiful park but I find the trails confusing and poorly marked, particularly on the far western edge of the park. The signs are tiny and sporadic. Good luck! Very scenic though and not nearly as muddy as I expected.

Fri Mar 29 2019

Did a 2.5 mile walk around the area and was pleasantly surprised! Trails were dry and very clear/walkable. Check out the lake if you get the chance- frogs are loud and proud!

Thu Feb 14 2019

These are great trails. I was very impressed with the maintenance of the trails and the beauty of the woods and nature. I highly recommend this trail. It should be noted that it is not officially open to hikers in the winter . . . it is used for biking and skiing.

Fri Sep 28 2018

A really nice trail system. Clearly marked and well maintained. Some surprisingly varying terrain, with some majestic trees.

Sat Aug 11 2018

Mon Aug 06 2018

This is my new favorite park in the area! So beautiful with woods, streams, prairie and amazing nature center. Very well maintained and low traffic.

Tue May 01 2018

Easy hiking. Beautiful scenery!

Sun Mar 04 2018

Great for a quick afternoon hike with great views. I was pleasantly surprised how dry the trails were given all the recent rain. I'll be here again.

Mon Oct 09 2017

Wide well maintained trail. Good variation in topography. Bike trails look interesting but not too difficult. I will hike these trails again. Good for shorter hike.

Thu Sep 14 2017

nice trail... When you get off the mowed prairie trails.

Wed Aug 23 2017

Easy wide grassy trail around an inaccessible pond. Lots of pastures and sun until the Old Dam trail, which was beautiful. Lovely nature center.

Tue Jun 27 2017

This is a pretty good trail. You will most likely see animals.

Sat Apr 08 2017

Multiple trails to explore. Low traffic early. Good trail signs. 5 miles hiked.

mountain biking
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17 days ago

18 days ago

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