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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

We went there this weekend, as inexperienced hikers. We walked the Heart Healthy Mill Pond Trail, which was okay...the "pond" is really a stinky swamp, the first half of the trail gets pretty overgrown at points where you can only fit single file. The last half of the trail opens up and can fit 3-4 people abreast, which was pleasant. We stuck to the paved roads, which were very empty and you could hear vehicles approaching...a good hike. The North and South mountain bike trails look to be a bit overgrown at the entrances, and we didn't venture down them. We decided to try the Mountain Rd. Trail, on the beach side first. Big mistake. It starts out pleasant, if a bit narrow...and then goes vertical at 45 degrees in stages, the first two stages were mild and short, and then you hit a prolonged 10 minute incline, and THEN you hit a 5 minute almost 60 degree climb where you can't stop or you feel like you'll fall backwards. It levels off at the top, and then is a nice pleasant WIDE path on the other side. There is no indication of trail difficulties, and the topographical map doesn't really indicate elevation specifics...just that there is some. Walking the first half of either side would be fine for beginners, but the complete path should only be completed by experienced hikers with a sturdy walking stick. With the highway noise at the turn of the trail, you feel like you're in some dystopian nightmare of neverending incline and mosquitoes. Pleasant park, not a lot of people so you don't have to worry about competing for trails.