Photos of Mount Williams, Mount Fitch, Mount Greylock, and Stony Ledge

Distance: 12.4 miles Elevation Gain: 3,015 feet Route Type: Loop

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1 month ago

This hike is more mileage. I didnt even know I summited Fitch. This map makes you walk on the road. So to fix that using the map provided at the starting point. At the campsites I went right at the intersection. Between the road going straight(the one all trails uses) and turning right there is a small brown trail sign the says hopper trail. I followed that 2.1 miles to the original trail. The hike was well marked! Going clockwise its blue, white, blue. No scrambles. I can see how it would be very muddy after rain. I did this hike in 7 hours and 4 mins including 1 hour and 15 minutes for lunch and potty breaks. Would I do it again? Probably if I needed to try snowshoes out on a longer hike to see if I could do an overnight with them, but no probably not. You only get 3 views max and 2 of them are at the top of Greylock.

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