Hopedale Pond Red Loop

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Hopedale Pond Red Loop is a 3 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Hopedale, Massachusetts that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 3.0 miles Elevation Gain: 121 feet Route Type: Loop

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A nicely well maintained setting and trails in the small village of Hopedale, MA. The parklands wrap around the scenic Hopedale Pond. Most of the trails are far enough from surrounding homes that you do not feel you are in the boundary of the town. Very quiet and safe. Hours are dawn to dusk. In 1899, the Hopedale town's Park Commission, consisting of Frank J. Dutcher, Charles F. Roper, and George Otis Draper, accepted Manning's proposal for a park of nearly two hundred acres, encompassing the entire shoreline of Hopedale Pond.

2 days ago

We live nearby so we walk the parklands trails in Hopedale quite frequently and love it - but - the title on this is misleading. The mapped area in the app is actually the blue trail which is pretty easy, flat and wide. It’s accessible by car the whole way. The actual red trail is a bit more of a proper hike in that it is very steep and less well marked in some places, but also has some interesting structural points of interest along the way.

17 days ago

Nice stroll. Easy walking. Good for a dog.

23 days ago

This trail is a great local resource for stretching your legs and getting a bit of fresh air. Can be cold and windy in the winter but is worth bundling up for. Pretty trail that boarders the pond and is fairly easy to walk. There are places where the trail contains tree roots and rocks so hiking poles for those with balance issues or arthritic knees are helpful.

2 months ago

It was a cold November day (30degrees), but sunny and I wanted to venture out with my pup, so we tried it out. Not bad at all. Trails are marked and some slight inclines. Watched a train go by. I'd give it a 5, but the end goes through a neighborhood and follows a street that was not busy. Did stop to read a history marker and learned about the town. Will do it again.

6 months ago

Took the blue trail and it was great except it’s not a loop. It was a very pleasant stroll around the lake. A little buggy.

Sat Jul 07 2018

Nice trail around the pond. Beautiful at 5:00 pm

Tue Mar 20 2018

Nice flat loop. I followed the blue trail which was well blazed. The people along the way were very friendly. Peaceful hike with pretty views of the lake. The only negative was the last .5 mile of the trail is along the road. It takes you over a busy bridge that passes an old mill, along another road and back into the parking lot. It would not prevent me from doing this trail again though. This will be a great trail to snowshoe!

Mon Sep 04 2017

Easy trail through the woods!

Sat Jul 29 2017

Awesome nice wide trails with almost no roots or big rocks to trip you up. You could fairly easily push a stroller through here if you wanted to. I parked on Hazel street (free parking) where 5 or 6 cars could easily fit. It looked like there was additional parking off Freedom street, where one side of the blue trail comes out, for another 4 or 5 cars. The blue trail does come out on the road forcing you to follow the pond edge until you link back up with the other end of the trail. I didn't check out the red trail, but the blue is impossible to lose even if it wasn't marked.

Fri May 05 2017

singlehandedly the worst trail ive been to yet! Sure the trail is pretty and wide open. But the 'red trail' is barely there and is for advanced hikers which is not specified. Also, there is no parking except for on the side of the road in a 2 hour parking zone. And the 'blue trail' which is the main trail leads you out in the middle of no where. Literally! I dont know Hopedale. Thank God for my alltrails app or I never would've found my SUV!!! Never coming back!

Fri Mar 03 2017

it's great, alot of short hills and quick turns around the lake

Mon Feb 27 2017

Nice trail, great for kids as well as it is not too difficult. View from bridge is wonderful, stop for a rest and enjoy!

Mon Jan 23 2017

Walked there today and the bridge was open. Red trail is misnamed above. Blue trail goes most of the way around the pond, but you have to walk down towards the large abandoned Draper mill, right past the red historic building and then across the small beach/park to continue counterclockwise around the pond (over 3 miles around). The red trail, when combined with the brown trail makes an alternative on the west side of the pond only. One other tip: if you want to walk the blue trail counterclockwise, stay straight after crossing the stone bridge at the north end of the pond and pass the side trail immediately on the left. Very well marked, maintained and wide trail.

Sat Dec 10 2016

Great little place! Walked along the blue trail. Was hoping to cross back over along the bridge but it was closed that caused quite the detour but still a nice easy trail for a casual hike.

Tue Nov 15 2016

Prefect for my son and i last Sunday . Easy

Fri Nov 11 2016

Nice easy walk on fall day.

Sat Nov 05 2016

Great walk. Couple steep hills to get your heart rate up and very pretty

Sun Sep 25 2016

Pretty 3 mile stroll around the water... Great for dogs!

Mon May 30 2016

Beautiful. It was a easy trail, good for little kids. Or just want to take a stroll.

Mon May 16 2016

Well maintained and easy to follow but they seem pretty strict about not having your dog off leash there. I also didn't expect the first part of it to be on a street and kind of had to guess where to go to find the actual entrance since I'm not familiar with the area.

Tue Apr 12 2016

I take my kids here every couple of weeks. if you so the full loop you have to walk down the road a bit but it's not too far. they like to stop and throw rocks in the water and there are lots of spots to do that along the way.

Tue Jan 05 2016

This is our go to spot when we don't have a lot of time but need to be in the woods. Well maintained, very pretty area, love watching the swans. Have seen deer here too.

Tue Sep 09 2014

Enjoyed hiking this pleasant and very easy little trail over the weekend with my autistic son. It has a nice little put-in for Kayaking though much of the pond is dense with water lilies so Kayaking is probably best in the spring when the water is high. Still a nice little spot for a short but pleasant Kayak trip or a casual stroll in the woods. I would have given it a 5 but it doesn't actually go completely around the pond. To return to your point of origin you will need to backtrack or walk about .5 miles on roads and sidewalks. Still, I would go there again. Easy and pleasant is often great medicine. I suspect it is very beautiful when we get fall foliage. Refer to "Farmer Lindsay Weaver's" review. I found this helpful.

Tue Mar 11 2014

Hopedale is my hometown so I've been here a million times. Most people take the route all the way around the pond which is nice. That trail will also bring you across a stone bridge at the half way point. Alternatives to the main loop: Climb up on the railroad tracks, you could even take the route up a rocky ledge off the main trail, commonly referred to as "the b!tch" by locals. Or you could take the Upton entrance which makes it seem like a whole new place. Along the paths (especially on the Upton side) and on the 3rd island in the pond, you'll find some old stone lean-tos which used to be used for camping which isn't allowed anymore.

Sat Nov 02 2013

Well maintained and marked, nice and quiet but within easy walking distance to Bon Appetite Pizza for a post trail snack

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