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29 days ago

This trail actually climbs to the top of Massaemett Mountain and the stone fire tower. (The map is incorrect. It has not been called Bald Mountain for around 100 years and at the top you will see why.) There are two new switchbacks near the bottom of the trail, currently painted with orange trail blazes. The orange trail is a less steep route, but slightly longer and connects at three points with the white tower trail. The orange trail is also a tree identification interpretive trail. This trail also connects to the Audubon's High Ledges (near the "M" in Massaemett at the end of what they show as a road) by following the Ridge Trail and also to their parking lot.

Things to consider: This trail is on a West facing slope, so it can be a hot climb on a summer afternoon. Spray for ticks. Please turn your vehicle around on Halligan Ave near the trailhead. (It is a dead end road and the neighbors at the end of the road become irritated with hikers turning around in their driveway.)