Woodbrook, Gillis, Ladder and Middle Run Loop

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Woodbrook, Gillis, Ladder and Middle Run Loop is a 3.5 mile loop trail located near Mount Airy, Maryland that features a river and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 3.5 miles Elevation Gain: 410 feet Route Type: Loop

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2 months ago

Nice wooded trail, only issue was some overgrowth and downed trees made the path harder to follow in some areas. I got a little lost trying to follow what I could see of the trails, luckily I had my dog with me and he had no problem getting us back to the trail entrance. These are trails used for horseback riding so be careful of horse droppings along the main part of the trail, but that is to be expected. I went out around 1pm on a Tuesday and didn't come across anyone else using the trails, maybe there are more people on weekends or at peak times but it was a nice solo hike with my dog and that's what I was looking for.

3 months ago

AllTrails describes this as “moderately” trafficked, but I cleared out about 7 spider webs with my face. Spent about 2 miles after that waving a stick in front of me. It’s also definitely more of a moderate difficulty. There are no paved trails and there are considerable inclines (though overall elevation is not too crazy). Trail is nice otherwise. Definitely wear boots. There are some shallow streams to cross and some parts get a bit muddy at lower elevations. Kind of awkward having to park in an equestrian center to get in, but nobody bothered me about it. Oh, horse poop. There’s horse poop in the trail. Not a ton, but enough to get you when you’re not paying attention. I probably won’t come back, there are better places closer to me in Frederick.

4 months ago

Stay on marked trails the trails through woods to make the loop are overgrown and hard to follow- Trails will be muddy after a rain as it was fairly muddy 4 days after last rain- As mentioned in other posts need waterproof boots to cross stream at various points

8 months ago

slightly confusing to find the enterance. The trails we ok and easy to walk with the kids 2 and 7. We would like to have explored more but the kiddos needed to go back.

9 months ago

4 creek crossings, large, come prepared. The trails aren’t marked, use this app to stay in course, you walk in farming fields. Physically this is a very easy hike. Local farmers allow you to use their land to access the trail and the old Boy Scouts campground area. So I take a trash bag and clean up. But there isn’t much trash. The graffiti is on the old cabins are cool. There are waterfalls, look for the concrete pad. They are two feet tall. I realize this isn’t what people are expecting, but it’s a fun hike! This is basically in my back yard, so my favorite hike because it is local.

Thu Aug 16 2018

Parts of this trail are beautiful but we kept saying how it would be a lot better on a horse. We had to cross streams without any rocks to step on numerous times to stay on the 3.5 mile loop we were following. It was tricky to find all the trails and we never would have gotten out without GPS. I may go again but would wait until the ground dries because the trails were also super muddy!

Sun Aug 05 2018

This is a great network of trails. Saw where reviewers had trouble with app. I did a web search, downloaded and printed a trail map. The trails are wide and well defined but poorly marked. We had no trouble finding our way. Trails on the app are only what someone has hiked and supplied to the app. Basic woodcraft beats GPS everytime.

mountain biking
Sun Jul 29 2018

Huge muddy puddles left by ATVs. Tho no ATVs seen on trails that day. The name of the stream is Gillis Falls. However, as other reviewer’s note there are no waterfalls on these trails. I recommend accessing the trails about 1/4 mile south of the equestrian ctr and just going out and back on the main gravel road that parallels the stream. Park at the 90° turn before the road goes up the steep hill.

Tue Jun 26 2018

Good amount of hills. Hard to find on GPS. Was at the back of an equestrian park. Park at gate and walk to the trail head behind the horse area. We had to keep checking our phone maps because the trail isn’t marked and we did find ourselves lost a bit. Muddy in areas because lots of the trails is down by the stream. We even had to get our feet wet crossing streams here and there. But a fun trail. Saw many deer.

Sat Apr 14 2018

Thankful I was an experienced hiker and had live GPS because I certainly wasn’t able to follow the marked trail on the map. I did pick up a full 13 gallon bag of trash, seems like a good trail for horses and definitely noticed the motorized vehicle tracks. And no waterfall on Gillis Falls trail.

horseback riding
Wed Apr 04 2018

Very nice trail for equestrian use as well as hiking and mountain bikes. Per the Carroll County Parks Ordinance, no ATV's or motorized vehicles are allowed in this area. If you see or hear motorized vehicles using this trail, please contact Carroll County Sherriff's Office. For more info, contact Carroll County Department of Recreation and Parks at 410-386-2103 or ccrec@ccg.carr.org

Fri Nov 10 2017

Do not do this trail unless you have live GPS, you will get lost. The gpx points are spot on so watch them very carefully. This a just a combination of various paths that all unmarked. There are 4 stream crossings. 2 have logs that are crossable a short distance away ( some sticker bushes). 2 required wading through shin level water. Fun for the adventurous, not for the beginner.

Sat Oct 28 2017

Horrible Trail! got lost, app didn't help either. alltrails needs to update their information. there were many trails not marked and we couldn't find our way back. it was supposed to be a simple Loop.

Sun Oct 22 2017

Beautiful quiet hike. However it was Tough with no markers. Thankful for the hike map on the app. Plus couldn’t cross the water in some places and had to re route a few times.

Mon Sep 04 2017

Sat Aug 26 2017

Love this trail with all the stream crossings

Sun May 07 2017

Trails not marked well. Several very wet feet creek crossings. Quite muddy!

Mon Feb 27 2017

Ok. No waterfall, just riffles. Moderately trafficked. 2 ATVs made a lot of noise most of the time we were there. Stepped on a nail outside the abandoned buildings. Now I need to update my tetanus.

Sun May 29 2016

We found nothing redeemable about this trail. It is incredibly muddy throughout, in addition to the multiple times you cross the creek. It is not well marked. Several times, we thought we were going to find a beautiful view or the waterfall. Instead, we found openings to corn fields. We also found a clearing with lots of beer bottles. We heard ATVs throughout our hike. We passed two people on horses. It seems like a good trail for horses.

Sun Mar 13 2016

The local rednecks ride the their ATV's illegally on the trails (and on the public roads) and account for much of the beer can deposits. It's clearly marked at the trail entrance that no motorized vehicles are allowed on the trail. They will typically stage their ATV's at the empty lot next to 2509 Flag Marsh Rd and ride down to the trails using the public road. DNR has made some progress in cleaning up. The equestrian's have reported negative encounters with the ATV's. If you encounter an ATV on the trail, record it and send it the Carroll Country Sheriff. ATV's on the trail: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzFNkGhGelP5NTF2bUZoajdnNGM/view

Thu Jul 23 2015

I took my 6 and 7 year old. It was nice and short for them. super muddy and rocky. didn't see a waterfall, but did see an area that people use for a dump, full of burnt beer cans. the trail had no markings thank goodness for the map. I don't think that we will be going back there again.

Thu Oct 30 2014

Can someone please direct me to where I could find a trail map of this park? It doesn't seem like it's clearly marked anywhere.

mountain biking
Sun Jan 13 2013

Real muddy after rain, but fun ride in Mt. Airy.

Mon Sep 03 2012

After August 31st trail is not open on Monday-Wednesday - Fridays.

Sun Apr 29 2012

I found the trail head just left of the parking lot that takes you about 40 ft from Grimville Rd to the equestrian center field. I turned left at the field and went around the mowed edge of the field for 3/4 mile. The woods to my left were posted "Wildlife Management Area, No Hunting or Trespassing without a Permit". It didn't feel very inviting so I left.

Tue Jan 31 2012

I didnn't have a map or any real idea about this trail. So I parked where there was another car and started on A trail. The stream ran along the west side of the trail...and then I came to a point where I needed different shoes or bare feet (not in January) soI turned back. Now I've seen some maps and will try again another day. In the winter this trail is only open to hikers on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Tue May 10 2011

This is actually a horse trail through the woods and across a stream. Beautifully scenic and tucked away, it is a very rustic trail, more suited for hiking and riding than running, but for the sure-footed adventurous trail runner, it's short and sweet. It's pretty much got it all, from good short hill work, to stream crossing (make sure you wear your old shoes, cause you're gonna go through a stream that's about 6" deep at its center and it's impossible not to immerse your whole shoe) but the water is just right to cool you off! You traverse the stream twice during the run, and follow it throughout, so if you're listening to the sounds of nature, you can hear it babble which adds to the pleasure of the run. In the middle it's nicely flat so you can enjoy the views of the forest. At the end, there's a kicker hill about a quarter mile long and very steep on blacktop. Most of the trail, except the very end, is uneven dirt with stones, rocks, and some natural obstacles (fallen trees, puddles, poo piles). I did the loop twice and found it VERY enjoyable and will definately be on it again!

5 months ago

6 months ago

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