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Piney Orchard Nature Preserve Duck Cove Pond Loop Trail

Odenton, Maryland

Piney Orchard Nature Preserve Duck Cove Pond Loop Trail is a 1.1 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Odenton, Maryland that offers the chance to see wildlife and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, running, and bird watching and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 1.1 miles Elevation Gain: 19 feet Route Type: Loop

dogs on leash

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The Duck Cove Trail is one of the trails within the Piney Orchard Nature Preserve Beginning at the trailhead by the parking lot this trail starts out on a paved walkway that makes its way into the nature preserve. The trail then follows a dirt path around a couple of ponds. There is evidence of beavers all around and many ducks and geese.

private property
1 month ago

Piney Orchard Nature Preserve is loaded with opportunity. Hiking, fishing, and birding. The main trail goes around the larger pond. From there the trail goes in the back of the PONP. If you take a seat or drift of the trail to the marsh land, there is an amazing amount of wildlife to be seen. Deer, fox, coyote, rabbit, squirrel, turtles, beavers, raccoons, marsh rats, and more. Waterfowl includes wood ducks, mallards, Canada geese, black ducks, and others. Eagles, osprey, and many other small birds can be found here. As you walk, keep your eyes and ears open.

4 months ago

Nice trail with a surprising amount of loops out in the woods considering its residential placement. Good signage.

10 months ago

Loved this trail. Lots of birds and deer. The trails were in great condition. We liked that we could choose tar or off-road options. We prefer off-road to see more wildlife. Definitely highly recommend to all hikers.

10 months ago

*ALERT* If you use gps to get there, you end up in townhome parking, for residents only. Drive past that road if you're coming from Odenton, and there is an entrance with a sign and dedicated parking. Watch for it if coming from the other direction. It's a very nice, well-maintained walk. Once you get away from the parking area, the sounds of traffic diminish. There are benches placed at intervals so I enjoyed a picnic and a book, while basking in the sound of wind in the trees. They have a lot of rules that seem to be largely ignored.

Fri Jan 04 2019

It was nice I would go back. The negatives: the parking is very confusing. Says we can’t park there unless we are residence. Had to park at the ice rink and walk down. I didn’t like the houses all over the place until you went further in the woods. I liked: i likes that it was both paved and not paved trails. I have lived around here my whole life and didn’t know this was here. It was a nice surprise. We only walked by the duck pond. Once off the paved path we couldn’t see the houses and I like that a lot. I like gettin lost in nature not seeing houses

Sun Sep 30 2018

Enjoyed the scenery and easy walk through most all of the loops. ended up doing about 3 miles and especially liked the duck pond loops where beautuful lilly pads abound. Some trail loops seemed to be cared for more than others so signage was at times good and other times poor with many felled trees. Agree with other posts regarding parking is limited to residents which makes little sense since they plenty of places to park. I did risk it as did others with seemingly no problems.

Mon Jul 30 2018

Great for a little neighborhood / family friendly nature preserve! Saw deer, frogs, and turtles ! Saw a few people walking and jogging on a Saturday late morning.

Wed Jun 06 2018

There's a large empty lot with "residents only - tow away zone". Odd because it looks like residents have plenty of other parking much closer to their homes. Decided to go elsewhere rather than risk it. This is a very spread out area of the suburbs, so any street parking you might find is probably a good 15 min walk from the trail itself.

Wed Nov 08 2017

The Nature Preserve itself is less than 5 miles total but if you take the alternate paths to and from parking, it becomes extended. However, these back roads are not part of the nature preserve.

Sun Oct 01 2017

The trail is about 7 miles 6.7 to be exact. We left from a shopping center and went through some neighborhoods but most of the trail is in the woods on Man made paths. It's easy but also challenging. The scenery is beautiful and there's enough water along the way. For a Sunday afternoon hike, it was fabulous! I highly recommend this trail.

Tue Jul 04 2017

parking restrictions for local residents. lots of flies and mosquitos.

Sun Jun 18 2017

Not a bad little trail at all. Right in the neighborhood. Water and wildlife.

Fri Apr 28 2017

nice path with partial shade. variation of grass, paved, wood chips, and dirt trails. easy to get in a 3 mile trail run without overlapping on a trail.

Sat Apr 22 2017

no parking

Sun Mar 19 2017

Drove here only to find the parking lot has a sign saying only permit holders may use lot and where your car will be towed.

Sat Nov 05 2016

Great place for a quick hike, or a hike with kids. Lots of wildlife. You can even find a rookery in the spring.

Fri Sep 04 2015

It's an easy hike, totally flat. The paths are clear and obvious,and there are a lot of different loops to go on. There is plenty of parking and easy to find. I did dove cove pond loop and vernal pool path which brought me to 2.76 miles. It's a great semi shaded walk for my dogs. It's also not very crowded during the week so it's pretty quiet. The only disappointment was at the end of vernal pool path, the pool was dried up. Usually it's a bonus for my dog to go in there and play, and it marks the 1/2 way mark before we reverse our path. I guess when it doesn't rain for awhile, it's shallow enough to evaporate.

Sat Oct 20 2012

This is a nice fall hike. We did all three of the small loops and which made the distance come out to exactly three miles. The two hours were very interesting and we got to explore a beaver dam with fresh tree cuts and mud slides. We also found the fox den which gives that trail it's name. Not busy at all...saw two other groups all day. Great hike for kids and dogs... Very flat, easy, and relaxing.

Fri Apr 06 2012

The Piney Orchard Nature Preserve is wonderful for hiking with kids. The trails are easy and there is plenty to see. It is a favorite, being so close to where we live, and we have enjoyed exploring the trails in each season.

Mon Feb 27 2012

We took the kids here last year and enjoyed a nice easy hike. The trail is not very long but provides decent variety. The kids enjoyed seeing all of the beaver stumps around the pond although and there were plenty of ducks, geese, fish and even a snake to see.

6 days ago

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