Patapsco Sawmill Trail

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Patapsco Sawmill Trail is a 2 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Patapsco Woods, Maryland that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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The Sawmill Trail (RED) has an up or down terrain pending your direction and features a stone tunnel you walk through if you start at the Swinging Bridge and walk up from the Grist Mill trail, there is a stream crossing at the very top of the trail where this main section ended. Beware of rainy conditions because you may NOT be able to cross safely. The trail is a Foot Trail ONLY due to being narrow and on the side of the mountain. There are roots, rocks, down trees and boulders to climb over. Tricky trail when wet and muddy. At the top of this section you can turn left and connect to the Sawmill Branch, which will take you to the HILLTOP area. If you cross the stream and go right you connect to the Santee Trail (White), which takes you up to the HILTON area. Note: Great section for TRAINING. Much like the AT. Trail.

4 hours ago

Trails were a bit muddy due to all the evening storms day after day. Many down trees on the trails and along your drive up to the swinging bridge. Many stream crossings but they were all manageable. The Sawmill trail was in the worse shape compared to the Santee, Charcoal or the Vineyard trail.Two restrooms and water fountains along the route I took. You could break for lunch up at the Hilton Area. The first two miles of the recorded track is all uphill. To start, go across the swinging bridge and turn Left. At the tunnel, go through on the left side and take the rock steps. If you want to short this route enter the tunnel on the right side and go up Forest Glen. There is also a few other options to shorten the loop. Come down one of the Nun Trails. The paved Grist Mill Trail is all flat on your way back.

5 months ago

If you are interested in viewing Bloedes Dam from the HIGHEST (Viewpoint) in the park I recommend using the Main Sawmill trail (Red). It’s much safer then going straight up the rocky cliff trail, which starts at the top of the log steps. At the end of the main Sawmill trail is the stream. Don’t cross the stream!! The Sawmill Branch trail is a sharp left up at that point. When you get to the very top you will then see a split trail and one is stone based. If you follow the stone trail it will take you to the Top of the Rocky Cliffs.
If you didn’t take the stone trail you would end up at the Top of the Hilltop Area. If you want to complete the Loop then follow the Hilltop Trail down to the Dam.

5 months ago

This is one of the main connecter trails if you want to hike from the HILTON or HILLTOP areas down to the river onto the Grist Mill trail. It's a foot trail ONLY so you have no bikers to deal with. The trail itself isn't very wide and the terrain is a bit tricky. Lots of rocks and roots to tend with. The trail even goes over boulders. I truly wouldn't say it's to Kid friendly. The narrow path is on the edge of the hill or you are down in the stream walking on rocky boulders that can be slippery when wet. Yes, It's a great trail for Training due to the many changes through out this trail system. I just finished it in the snow but couldn't cross the stream. It rained the night before and the water was run deep. Couldn't see the normal stepping stones I generally used. Better Safe then Sorry when you are by yourself.