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Mason-Dixon Trail: Susquehanna State Park to Broad Creek

Broad Creek Park

Mason-Dixon Trail: Susquehanna State Park to Broad Creek is a 10.7 mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near Havre de Grace, Maryland that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and running.

Distance: 10.7 miles Elevation Gain: 1,371 feet Route Type: Point to Point




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1 month ago

Similar to the other segments of Mason-Dixon Trail along the Susquehanna, this has a really nice mix of changes in scenery/terrain with lots of up and down that makes it a great workout and interesting to hike. There are several small stream crossings and even a view. Several wooden benches are also provided throughout the trail in various spots (most seem rather newly built). There is a view early on with a bench and is right next to a huge red WARNING billboard for the boats...and many sirens attached (wouldn't want to be standing next to that thing when it went off). In winter of course you can see the river the whole way since the trail mostly borders around the surrounding hills. After the view, you will hike around a large hilly field that includes 2 gates that you will need to unlatch yourself (be sure to follow instructions and re-latch them). After heading back in the forest, the trail curves a bit and eventually down through Glen Cove Marina which looks like a great place to spend the day if you have a boat (several picnic benches, neat bridge and a river view point right after passing the area). Not too far after the marina, the rockiness increases. There are more older wood benches and some outdoor amphitheater I guess from a camp right up the hill. The rest of the trail after this becomes mostly wide road that changes between rocky, gravel and dirt with some small isolated/private houses nearby right by the river. Although the trail is wider at this point, there is a lot of continuous steep elevation throughout. Eventually will lead more into the forest as it heads down toward Broad Creek Public landing lot which includes another stream and some rhododendron. The trail is very well blazed throughout. Will say there are some rather narrow parts especially on a couple steep switchbacks where can be a little difficult if muddy (love the switchbacks on Mason-Dixon trail in general). Although this segment may not be quite as scenic as the areas around Lock 12 or Otter Creek it is definitely still a good one. Those three parts seem to be the only lengthy segments of Mason-Dixon along Susquehanna that doesn't involve road walking.

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