2.2 miles
551 feet
Out & Back

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20 days ago

Had fun getting incline with this one! We took the pine swamp road entrance to get onto Big Savage trail- no signs whatsoever except the acknowledgement of a natural area. The trail is very well blazed though. White blazes.

Somewhat rugged, rocky, and one pretty swampy traverse (very rainy summer) that really threw my boyfriend for a loop, but fun and definitely worth finding! Getting to the last little section of service road by the top was a relief, but that’s when the incline gets hard.

We parked on pine swamp road, just around the bend from the intersection of westernport rd. Small pullover on the side and a tiny white sign across the road (south side) marking the trailhead. People talking about a service road and only trekking 2.2 miles, I have no clue what entrance they used. We had a pretty dense, not well used but very well marked (in most places) trail. Judging by our pace/time it’s a little over 3 miles to the tower/fireplace/high rock from pine swamp road.

We climbed the fire tower only to learn after the fact that this is discouraged. Pretty wobbly! No wonder, it was built in the 30s and has been neglected since the 90s, if not earlier. If you can’t resist the climb I would not recommend more than two people go up at a time. I would not recommend more than one person go in the box at a time. The floor up there will give SOON. Don’t even put your water bottle on the plywood covering part of the floor. Glad we did it but yikes! Definitely my scariest tower climb.

Wish I could give it 4.5 stars.