Pemetic North and South Ridge Trails

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Pemetic North and South Ridge Trails is a 4.4 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Mt Desert, Maine that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from May until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

4.4 miles
1,646 feet
Out & Back

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nature trips




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Directions from Bar Harbor, ME: Travel the Park Loop Road to approximately .5 mile north of Jordan Pond Gatehouse. The trail begins on the west side of the road in the Jordan House parking lot.

8 days ago

We parked at the Jordan Pond parking lot, by the pond house. If you get there by 8AM, you can find a spot without any trouble. Anytime between 9-4, you may have to wait on a spot.

We took the Jordan Pond path over the path to Pemetic from the sound side. The hike up has a few steep parts, but it's not that difficult overall. As you get close to the top, the face opens up and you get some extraordinary views. The cool breeze that comes through the valley over Jordan Pond was refreshing and was welcome.

The views of Jordan Pond were great. At the time (July) the Jordan Cliffs trail was closed due to Peregrine falcon nesting. From our vantage point at the top of Pemetic, we could see the Peregrine falcons soaring over the water, often below us. It was quite a treat to see.

The path on the North side was a bit more strenuous, but not overly so. We were going down the North side, but I imagine coming up that way would require some effort.

20 days ago

My wife, 9yr old son and 11 yr old daughter tackled this steep rock scramble today with ease. A couple of people were impressed by the fact that as a family we did it. We took the bus from the visitors center to the parking area just past bubble pond parking (the bus driver will know where to go). Don't drive there yourself, parking ain't gonna happen, plus the bus ride is only about 10 mins.

We took the northwest trip up, took about 40 mins of mostly pine covered rock scambling (no strolling here, you're gonna be breathing hard). It was safe and my two kids loved it. We're talking big step-up-and-over boulder scrambling. Half way up there are two ladders tucked between a narrow pass. Safe, fun to climb (don't take the easy way when greeted with the choice to climb.

The trails are well marked up to the top, once there though keep your eyes open for cairns (bridge-like rock pile). These will lead you to your trail to descend. We took in the Atlantic ocean view, had some lunch all by ourselves (no Cadillac mountain crowds here). We took the southwest trail down that led us to get some pop-overs at the Jordon Pond House. 2 pop-overs, butter/jam and a blueberry lemonade. Delicious. - $12

Here's a tip... Make a reservation when you are at the summit, there's a wait to get these delicious treats. But let's get back to the trail.

The descent was partially covered and well enough marked to not get lost. Total time with two kids and a few stops to make some gear 'adjustments' was 2hr 30 mins (that includes .3mile walk to Jordan House across the street from end of trail.

24 days ago

We took Pemetic Northwest from the Bubbles to Pemetic summit and then used Pemetic North to descend. Our favorite summit in the entire park because of the amazing views and it is not very crowded. It is not an easy hike, but it is most define the worth it!!

1 month ago

Great hike with spectacular views from the top. If you plan on starting on the north side, be sure to either plan for a drop off or get there early to ensure a parking spot. The parking lot is used for numerous trails and will fill up very quickly. The initial climb is pretty tough, but it flattens out after about 0.8 miles.

3 months ago

Great hike, but start before 8 or go on a weekday if you start from the north as the parking lot can fill quickly. We combined this with a hike down to Jordan Pond, around the pond and up to Bubble Rock. You more than double the distance and increase the altitude gain by an extra 1000 feet. Did the loop clockwise, which was good for photos as the sun stayed to our backs. The lodge at Jordan Pond is great for popovers halfway through for a break so bring a wallet.

4 months ago

The views were spectacular! My husband and I had already done quite a bit of hiking this day (including the Beehive Trail) so this was very physically demanding. He asked, "Do our fitbit steps still count if we dragged ourselves off the mountain?" Lol. We did the South Ridge Trail and after reaching the summit we turned around and came back out the way we went in.

7 months ago

Overall a pretty decent hike. I started from the bubbles parking lot up the northwest trail based on recommendations and came down the south ridge and followed Jordan pond back to the parking area to make a loop. It is a challenging climb up especially if it has recently rained...caution it will be slippery. Make sure to keep an eye out for the markers as the trail direction changes without some notice on the way up. On the way down south ridge some of the markers were pretty faded but easier to make out the trail. Great views from the top, but it was pretty windy the day I hiked so I didn’t stay too long at the top. I would definitely hike again.

9 months ago

To start off, come up the South side which we did, it is quite easier then coming up the North. The trail is definitely strenuous, just when you think you're reaching the peak, it keeps going until you finally get to a mark at the top. Markings along the trail are very easy to follow, and the views of Jordan Pond, and the surrounding area are fantastic. Going down the North side, take your time, because it's very steep and rocky in some areas. We took the split to head back to Jordan Pond crossing Jordan Pond Rd. Overall it took us about 4 hours round trip starting from the Jordan Pond parking area.

9 months ago

We also went up the Northwest Trail and across and down Pemetic South Ridge Trail. The Northwest trail is steep, but has ladders to assist at strategic points. Views at the top are spectacular!

9 months ago

Absolutely loved this trail. Took the NW trail up (it is verrry steep, get ready to scramble). Took the south trail down, then incorporated a Jordan pond loop. Views at the top of Pemetic are even better than Cadillac Mtn, in my opinion!

10 months ago

Good hard clean well marked trail

11 months ago

great trail, beautiful views once near the peak.

11 months ago

Love it

11 months ago

Ridiculously beautiful hike! This is one of my favorite mountains of all time.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

This was an amazing hike. It is so well worth every step

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

hidden gem!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

I did the PEMETIC NORTHWEST TRAIL:Pemetic Mountain. It is not listed as an option on here.
Starting at the Bubbles (Bubble Rock) parking, you cross the Park Loop Road and find the Pemetic Northwest Trail marker. This trail ascends the west face of the mountain, crossing over boulder fields and numerous steep rock formations along the way.

The most interesting part of this trail is a short section where the trail splits in two with a "ravine" route or a "ledge" route. The ravine route heads into a small gorge-like break in the mountain with two wooden ladders to assist in the climb.

Just over a half mile out one way, but the steep ascent makes up for the short distance.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Great hike, even for a rainy, cloudy day. started at bubble parking lot and headed east to the pemetic summit but we were unable to find the trail to the summit. Due to poorly marked trails at the top. We decided to head north to bubble lake due to the wind and the rain then looped around past eagle lake and back to the bubble mountains.

The scrambles up are the best part of Acadia, not for the inexperienced or out of shape kind.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Just did the Pemetic NW trail the other day from the Bubble Rock parking area. This was the most fun I had in the entire park without doing Beehive or Precipice. Anyone that is looking for a challenge without worrying about hanging onto iron rungs, this is the trail for you. It starts out with some rock steps and then gets in your face with some boulder climbs. Pay very close attention to try markers as it is easy to get off trail early. The trail will divide into a Ledge and Ravine route with each offering unique challenges. I went up ledge but wish I did ravine as it way cooler hiking between the rock faces and you have 2 ladders to help you. The two portions will merge back together towards the summit. By far my
some of the best views of Acadia without the massive crowds. Once at top I do not recommend going back down this way as it is way more challenging. The only bad part about this trail is the parking situation, so if you are up to it, make sure you go early.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Very fun trail but we did the south trail up and the NW side down which I think was one of the bubble trails. The south trail up was fun and had great views in the way up so great places to rest and enjoy the view. The NW trail down was a blast. Lots of rock to climb down. We really had to pay attention to the blue trail markers because it's easy to lose the trail with all the rocks. At one point we found a little ravine to climb down into and there were ladders to help you through it. We ended the hike with a section of the Jordan pond trail back to the pond house and that was a nice end to the descent we just did.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Great hike if you're looking to hike for a couple hours. It's not very difficult and the views at the top are really spectacular!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Finish with popovers at Jordan Pond house

Friday, October 02, 2015

Great Views from the top!

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Too rocky!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Great views from the top. Did cliffs trail up and the ridge trail down.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

This is called the Pemetic NW Trail on the Acadia map, and on the trailheads. This is a great short trail, a bit difficult in places with some rock scramble and quite steep. It takes you up through a ravine where you hike up a running stream. There are ladders to get up over the ledge, and with the running water and slick rocks it's not an easy climb, but super fun! You can opt to go around the ravine and climb up over smooth ledge, but it was very wet and slippery the day we were here, and really, the ravine was pretty awesome.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Great hike if you want to make it more difficult try the north west trail across from bubble parking lot.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Nice trail with many interesting rock features along the way and probably the easiest trail up the mountain.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Really a mixture on this hike from the forest to the open views. Can see Cadillac from here and the ocean. Not to difficult a hike and great loop connections available.

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