North Traveler Mountain

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North Traveler Mountain is a 4.9 mile out and back trail located near Millinocket, Maine that features a lake. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking.

4.9 miles
2,214 feet
Out & Back






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1 month ago

This was not my favorite trail. Mostly because, despite putting on bug repellent before the hike, the flies and bugs were on us so much that we had to wave our arms the whole time we climbed, which makes things far more tiring and less pleasant. Couldn't sit down and enjoy lunch at the top, either. Had to keep moving and waving arms. So if you do this, bring STRONG bug repellent and reapply frequently (we didn't bring it along). Apparently they also sell hats with mosquito netting to cover your face at all the convenience stations, so try that, too. Or maybe go to Colorado or Utah instead. No one else on the trail, at least. Maybe the locals know better than to go in July? The views at the top and for some of the way up were nice, but I've seen nicer, and you slog through a lot of steep, rocky areas with no view and many bugs to see them. It only took a few hours, but they were miserable hours, sadly.

2 months ago

Hands down one of my favorite and memorable hikes! I went in late August in 2016 and we barely saw any bugs. There were blueberries EVERYWHERE along the trail! It was a tough hike - very steep at places with some loose rocks. But the view is well worth it. You break above the trees very early on in the hike, so the rest of the way you have grand sweeping views of the surrounding mountains! We saw three other people on the hike the whole time we were on it.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Tough hike. Lots of bugs. Relatively short with a large elevation gain. Mixture of hiking through forest and open ground. Steep sections are often loose scree.

Easy start from the South Branch Pond campsite, up through forest to great views of the lakes on the first summit. But you are only half way there. Suggest stopping and turning round at that point. There's not much different from there on up, except bugs. Lots and lots and lots of bugs (we did the hike July 1st). The best places for views are also the worst places for bugs.

We were looking forward to lunch on the summit but it was miserable because of the clouds of insects.

The top of Traveler gives 360° views of the Maine forests. And the bugs. Lots of bugs.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Did this as part of the travelers loop. It is a hard hike with lots of loose rocks. Be prepared.