Jordan Pond to South Bubble Summit

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Jordan Pond to South Bubble Summit is a 3 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Mt Desert, Maine that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips and is best used from May until October.

3.0 miles
534 feet
Out & Back


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25 days ago

Great trail with a nice leisure walk to South Bubble mountain. Fun scramble with great views as you continue to reach the summit. don't forget to go towards to right near the top to see the big boulder by the cliff!

1 month ago

Great challenging hike. Nice views from the top.

1 month ago

Started the hike on Jordan Pond and took the first trail head that went to the Bubbles. This trail is great for families, especially with small kids. We went down the Bubble Divide which was very steep but very cool. I think going up the Divide with three kids would’ve been tough but if you have experienced hikers or, at least average shape hikers, this would have been a great incline.

1 month ago

This is tough but worth it if you can hike up all the rocks. Very steep coming down so I would take the other route down if you are doing the bus and don’t have a car parked.

2 months ago

Started off hiking around Jordan pond and wanted to make our way to bubble rock afterwards, but had no plans to do this trail until we came across the sign. Most of the way up is stepping from boulder to boulder, towards the top it was more like climbing as we had to use our hands, and we needed to stop to catch our breath several times as it was quite steep. we came to a point where we needed to lift ourselves up onto a couple of ledges, and almost called it quits (fear of heights and falling) until some others came by and made it look much easier than we were anticipating, especially at the parts where we couldn’t quite see the next step. They also assured us there was another easier way back down. It was totally worth it. So much fun and the views are breathtaking.

4 months ago

Great hike and had a beautiful day to do it. The hike is very flat then up to the top requires some moderate scramble. I gave this a five but would have rated it only as moderate or a "4 star" had I not combined it with a hike up and over Pemetic Mountain. It doubles the miles and height. I did it clockwise meaning the sun was to my back as I climbed up Bubble Rock, which made the pictures back to the ocean less ideal by midday. If you start in the north you can make the Jordan Lake House a midway point which is a great place to get popovers and then continue.

9 months ago

Summary: need to be in decent shape, as it does include some minor rock climbing from rock ledge to rock ledge. If you have a major fear of heights/falling, I may avoid this. If your fear is minor, it's still a doable hike that will give you a good adrenaline rush (I'm in this category). If you have no fear of heights, climb away! A great workout to get up to South Bubble from Jordan Pond. Amazing, rewarding views at the end.

I didn't see this trail from Jordan Pond to the South Bubble summit on Alltrails, but saw the trail existed on the map. We wanted to do Jordan Pond and the Bubbles all in the same hike (plus another hike in the same day) so I figured this was the best way to do so. We got to the point of the Jordan Pond trail with the fork for Jordan Pond Carry on the right and South Bubble Summit on the left. We knew it would be a significant elevation gain in just .4 miles, but didn't really know what to expect in terms of terrain. Right off the bat on the summit trail, you begin hiking up very rocky terrain. Pretty soon, using your hands to help climb is advised if not required. About two thirds of the way up, it begins getting a little hairy for people with a fear of heights and/or falling (my girlfriend and I sort of fall in this category). It gets significantly more steep with smaller ledges. There are quite a few places where you have to hoist yourself up to the next ledge, and I can think of two or three spots where (please take no offense) someone overweight will have trouble squeezing through. If I wasn't 6'5" I would've had to take my backpack off in a couple spots just to move up the trail. The final stretch is a little easier compared to the climbing section you just finished, and you'll be at the top soon enough. From the top of South Bubble, take a break and enjoy the views, you deserve it. From there, you can continue on to North Bubble, or head back to Jordan Pond via the Jordan Pond Carry (very very gradual forest descent back to the spot you began the summit trail) or Bubbles Divide (less gradual descent to north side of Jordan Pond, be careful when it's wet). Highly recommended if you're looking for a challenging but doable hike!