Jay to Farmington Rail-Trail

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Jay to Farmington Rail-Trail is a 14.5 mile point-to-point trail located near Jay, Maine and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for mountain biking and is accessible year-round.

14.5 miles Point to Point

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2 months ago

I have had the opportunity to snowshoe and cross country ski this trail a few different times. I have done with with my three children as well as with my best friend. The trail is easy to follow is easy to do both snowshoeing and cross country skiing but be aware it is used by snowmobiles. Everyone we can across was respectful and slowed down, we also made sure we moved off to the side when we heard the machines. It's a beautiful walk through the winter woods. We parked by the baseball field across from the high school and easily got on the trail. You will have to cross route 4 if you park here. Another option is to park in the Hannaford parking lot and and hit the trail there. We did not complete the entire trail but we did make a day of it. There are places to grab lunch on the way if you please.

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4 years ago

I road this trail this spring on a semi-cool day. Leaving from Farmington you'll get the sense that it will be a reasonably easy, although fairly long, rail-trail ride. And for the first few miles you'd be correct but be forwarned, although there is no real technical difficulties in completng this 14+ mile ride to Jay, you will run into a few miles of sand. I do have to say, I was happy I was in pretty good shape, my legs were tired by the end of my return trip. Now, I am a 50+ male riding on a 15 year old mountain bike, so put that into perspective if you ride this trail.

You'll find some nice scenery along the way but nothing breathtaking. I will ride this again next summer, thins time spending more time condition my legs in the gym.