Big Spencer Mountain Trail

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Big Spencer Mountain Trail is a 3.3 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Greenville, Maine that features a great forest setting. The trail is only recommended for very experienced adventurers and primarily used for hiking and trail running.

3.3 miles
1,820 feet
Out & Back


trail running




no dogs

Parking lot provided at trailhead

6 months ago

haven't been up there in a long while , remember when it was just known to locals and hardly anybody climbed it. remember having to look for old mailbox in bushes to find trail head, now a huge parking lot. old house for lookout Warren has been torn down and burned by maine park service. they also tore down the firetower. And their contractor burned down top half of mountain of mountain. extemly nice views from top just southwest of mt. kahtadin . take the Greenville road off the golden road about 8miles down on right before bridge they'll be a rod with sign for mountain. If coming from Greenville go thru Kakadjo road turns to dirt go about 5 or 6 miles wood bridge with bog on right the road to mountain will be just over it on your left. you'll need a truck or SUV don't try driving your car the roads are ruff.

scenic driving
10 months ago

Amazing views - drove around the park and made stops at various overlooks in the summer and it was so beautiful. Might make another trip in the fall :)

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Beautiful views. Rocky climb to the top but there are 4 ladders to help in slick areas. Lightly used.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

extremely nice views used to be quiet and remote until the state put in a parking lot. And now there's a lot of traffic.They also tore down and burned the halfway house and tore down the fire tower that once stood up there.they also had a contractor up there that burned down half of the mountain top.i guess this is what they call progress?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Wow what a hike! My husband and I arrived at the trailhead after about a 2 hour drive and we were ready to go! The first 1.1 miles is moderate, on an upgrade underneath a leafy canopy, but wide and well maintained. After 1.1 miles you reach the area where the old fire wardens tower stood. While it no longer stands, a beautiful view to the north east still does, showing off Katahdin and the rest of Baxter's great peaks. Here we ran into some volunteer trail maintenance workers, so it was nice to see they are actively trying to make the trail a bit more hiker friendly. And try as they might, there is nothing easy about the .9 mile hike past the old wardens house. Very quickly you reach the first of 4 ladders, helping the hiker over rocky muddy parts. We skipped a few ladders and used the rocks, but this is choice. (The last ladder leaves no options, you climb the ladder or you don't go any further). After the final ladder the trail really opens up. More views of Baxter in the north east, the Lily Bay range to the south east and Big Moose (Squaw) in the south west. At the summit you'll first come to the old helipad and fire tower, no longer in use. A bit further along the communications buildings and solar panels they've dropped you'll find a second helipad with more views. From there you can see the "true" summit of Big Spencer, but to reach the 3000er can you must do a bit of bush-wacking I wasn't willing to do. Also from this helipad you can now see Little Spencer and most of Moosehead Lake. A most rewarding hike, one of New England's 50 finest!

Another note: the overview says this is for the more experienced hiker or outdoors man I agree slightly. Both my husband and I are average hikers, but don't get many opportunities to go out. Using our heads and being cautious made this an enjoyable hike despite the difficulty. It is scary, lots of steep parts to climb (and remember you come back down the same way) and even scarier heading down. Thankfully for me this was all under the canopy, with only slight openings here and there. While not on a cliff wall or face, there is no margin for error, please not only use extreme caution, but also your head while up there! Best hike of my life so far!

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