Appalachian Trail: Moxie Bald Mountain

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Appalachian Trail: Moxie Bald Mountain is a 9.6 mile out and back trail located near Abbot, Maine. The trail is only recommended for very experienced adventurers and primarily used for hiking.

9.6 miles 1729 feet Out & Back


3 years ago

I did the trail starting at the southern end of the lake, this makes for about 9.5 miles of hiking (almost 5 miles each way). The stream that you must cross as you just start out was a little high with no way to cross without getting wet - boots got soaked but I changed socks and that helped.

Once across, the trail is easy to follow, has a gradual accent for awhile not getting more aggressive for 2.5 - 3 miles. My only issue came while following the white blazes near the top. Climbed up a ledge to get some nice pictures and while I was that saw some old blazes that lead nowhere. Thought I had reacquired the trail but it must have been a discontinued section of the trail. After attempting to find my way, I had to retrace my steps down the ledge. Guess my advice would be: no more side trips the views are nice enough without the extra wandering.

5 years ago

It was a very nice trail, but I don't think it was as hard as the app says it is. The top is really nice and the lean-to was really nice.

6 years ago

It was a really nice area. The trail was well maintained when i was there. The views are really amazing. Supposedly you are able to see katahadin from the top. After moxie bald mountain if you are heading north it is really tricky when i was there to get down. At the top the person i was with fell into knee deep mud. Also there was a very very steep part that you had to use your hands to hold yourself to the trail. it was practically a cliff.