Lake Chicot Loop Trail [CLOSED]

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Chicot State Park

Lake Chicot Loop Trail [CLOSED] is a 17.3 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Ville Platte, Louisiana that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from October until June. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 17.3 miles Elevation Gain: 744 feet Route Type: Loop

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Note: This park is currently closed to visitors due to COVID-19. For more information, please see

6 days ago

Note to all this trail is currently closed with all other trails at Chicot state park. If you check online or on their social media nothing indicates that the trails are closed. Wish we could’ve enjoyed the trail.

3 months ago

GREAT TREAIL!! Clearly marked, plenty of shade, I was 4 miles in before it got really muddy, had lots of rain the week before, so turned around. Can't wait to go back!

3 months ago

It’s 20 miles flat, not 17.3. Great hike, lots of elevation change so it can be tough. Pack light

3 months ago

This trail is always well maintained and blazed. Pretty easy for anyone wanting to get into hiking/backpacking.

4 months ago

Great trail.

6 months ago

Park maps and mile markers on the trail indicate the trail is over 19 miles. I did this as a day hike. It has a nice variety of trees, including cypress, beech, oak, and others. Long boardwalks stretches with gentle, rolling hills. Water level is quite low, as others have indicated. Two feet or more based on the tree markings that are normally submerged.

6 months ago

We went in early November. It was beautiful and well marked. We didnt see any wildlife except birds and squirrels, but that may be due to high weekend traffic? There wasnt a TON of people..just 15. The trip on my garmin watch said the trail was 19.5 be prepared for that. Highly recommended!

6 months ago

Excellent trail, well marked. The trail is beautiful with lots of inclines.

The water level is low right now. A lot of the areas that would normally lend themselves to filtering are dry. I stayed at campsite 6, and choose not to filter from the lake. New this year was the fact that I could not park at the North Landing Trailhead overnight. Last year, I was able too. This allowed me to hike into the main campground for nighttime. This year, I had to alter my plans last minute. I did not run into any hogs, but did have coyotes howling at one point in the night. Armadillos are everywhere, and we'll come close to your camp at night. Because of the cold, bugs were not an issue.

8 months ago

water low in late summer. nice scenic swamp trail

Sun Mar 31 2019

Pleasant hike. Well marked.

Sat Mar 16 2019

great trail. Lots to see. Deer, pigs, squirrels, rabbits, armadillos, otters, alligators, wood ducks. Lots of wild flowers blooming right now. spiderwort, phlox, crossvine, morning glory, wild violets, wood sorrel.

Thu Mar 14 2019

it's a decent trail. we started at the east landing trailhead and hiked to campsite 2 the first day, and finished the loop the following day. day 1, it rained on us all day. east side of the lake had some flooded areas, but nothing past knee level. once we got closer to the south landing, the trail was less standing water, but sticky mud instead. we chose to road walk from south landing to an emergency exit that led to campsite 2 to avoid some of the mud. day 2 was mostly dry along the north side of the lake. We saw a fox! pretty sure we heard a hog, but not positive.

Mon Jan 07 2019

Well kept and well marked trail for Louisiana! Tough part is you MUST reserve a primitive campsite (there are 6) and its first cole first serve. Driving 3hrs from NOLA had me worried but we got #6 which was a nice 13mi hike in from southern trail and and finished up around 12 the following day now... after a rain this trail is an absolute mess as some points. near mile 8 we ended up road walking along the trail to avoid thick mud up to our knees after walking through water up to our shins during mile 7. You can definitely hear cars about 50% of the trail and parts take you right by boat launches so you are not exactly miles from civilization so there is that. but not that bad and you still feel secluded in some parts. kudos to the team taking care of the trail with some handy board walks over water Saw one white tail dear and that was it

Sat Nov 03 2018

My go to trail. It’s 19 miles. I like campsite 1 &3.

Thu Nov 01 2018

live not for i hike at least once a week when weather is nice I see deer squirrels pigs read fox and if you lucky you may see and otter lot of ducks in the winter when you get next to the lake

Thu Aug 16 2018

Trail is 19 miles. I did the entire loop, camped at #6 overnight. Great place, not too many hikers, but this is August in South Louisiana. Deer flies were the worst. Saw a bunch of Armadillos this time and a cool looking snake, but not much else. Two weeks ago I saw 2 sets of deer, a raccoon and a snake. There are also squirrels every time if you look. This is a great place, I just wish they had more than 6 camp sites. I also bring all my water. I don't think I'd filter that lake water unless I was dying.

Tue Mar 06 2018

We entered the loop at the Walker Branch landing and headed north around the lake. camped overnight at site number 6 which offered a lakeside view in a marshy section. We filtered water from the lake despite the murky color. There was only one moving stream for filtering the entire trail. There were fireflies and coyotes around our campsite, but we had an uneventful rest. We found plenty of down branches for a campfire in the provided fire ring. On our hike out we encountered a group of wild hogs and an armadillo. The bugs are pretty thick so treat your equipment and bring an effective repellant. We encountered some hilly sections that provided a decent challenge. Overall we had a good hike with only a few muddy sections.

Thu Feb 22 2018

Great workout!

Mon Nov 20 2017

Nice day with leaves falling, Plenty mosquitoes

Mon Nov 13 2017

Well maintained and marked trail system with great wildlife viewing opportunities. Mosquitos are thick so prepare accordingly!

Sat May 06 2017

Nice trail. Most of it was closed due to the recent storms in the area but the part we could do was great. Definitely coming back when the whole trail is open. Plenty of wildlife including many alligators.

Sun Jan 15 2017

Three of us hiked from the east trailhead south to camp site #6 then back, about 8 miles. The trail was well marked and easy to hike. The system is labeled as "moderate" but for us this section was very easy. Not much for elevation changes, all I hiked was fairly level. It was winter for Louisiana and most of the foliage was gone, few bugs and few fellow hikers. We did see a sounder of very large wild boars and they weren't too happy to see us. The east section doesn't offer too much scenery but we hear the scenery on the west side is worth the trip. This was just a visit to decide if we liked it enough to hike/camp the whole loop, I think we'll be back. I'll mention again the wild boars, many think boars = pigs, don't make that mistake because a boar can kill you and will try if it feels threatened enough.

Fri Dec 30 2016

Well marked trails with great scenery. This was our first day hike as a family with nine-year-old and 12-year-old boys. Even though it was a short 4 mile hike with a lunch break at campsite 2, we had a great time and the boys loved it. We're planning another trip in a couple of weeks to check out more of the trails, and we're looking forward to an overnighter soon.

Thu Nov 24 2016

Great trip. We did the loop backwards over thanksgiving. Nice and cold nights and cool days! Staying at campsite 6 the first night, then 5, and finally 2 to wrap up a 3 nighter. The lake was drained while we were there but Water is available at the RV campgrounds and the southern trail head. Bonus... The northern RV camp ground has great showers for a clean ride home.

Sun Sep 11 2016

Nice trail for Louisiana. Good for mountain biking and trail running. Best in fall because it is oppressively hot in May thru September Deer flies bite and they hurt. Bring Deep Woods Off

Sun Aug 07 2016

June 2016: Great hike with my daughter and granddaughter, but will be so much better in the fall and winter!!

Thu Jun 30 2016

This is a great trail for hiking and backpacking! My girlfriend and I got to the park and checked in at the office. The lady in the office was helpful and helped us choose the primitive site that would best suit our backpacking plan. We ended up choosing Campsite 4 and headed to the Walker Branch Trailhead. The trail was slick at some spots from it raining earlier that day but that was expected. It took around 45 minutes to hike to Campsite 4 with a few breaks. The trail was well marked and maintained with signs to each campsite. The campsite itself was clean with a fire pit and grill. The next day we hiked back to the car and drove to the office to rent a canoe for the day. A different lady this time gave us paddles and life jackets and told us how to get to the boat launch where we could get the canoe itself. We ended up canoeing all the way to our campsite along a well marked canoe path often close to the bank, through and under hundreds of beautiful cypress trees. When we arrived at the campsite we packed up, paddled back to the car, returned the canoe and we were on our way. Seeing all of the wildlife was perhaps the best part of the trip. We saw a rabbit, an alligator, a deer, a few turtles, tons of frogs, egrets, a hawk, two armadillos and even a hog. All in all this park was great and we will be returning!!!

Mon Jun 20 2016

Awesome Louisiana trail, you really get to see a lot of Louisiana's beauty on this trail; from the Cypress trees nestled in the marsh to the birds and wild life it's just great. The last time I went I saw an owl, three snakes (small non venomous), and plenty of squirrels. In pass I've seen deer, armadillos, and possums. Chico Lake is large and you can rent kayaks and canoes. The cabins are quite nice also.

Sun Mar 27 2016

This is a great trail for trying out new gear or first time backpacking. This was my first solo backpacking trip and I never felt live I was in over my head. I started at the north trail head, camped at site # 1 then finished the loop the next day. The trail was packed with people between the north trail head and the south but after that there weren't as many people. There are several emergency trail exits which surprised me. Most parts of the trail I could hear traffic from the road , but not at campsite #1. Be aware that if you book a primitive site you may not be the only person there. I had just set up my tent when a Boy Scout troop arrived . They were too big to fit the small campsite and decided to camp on a flat area nearby, but far enough that I couldn't see them. It being my first full night in the woods alone I was glad for their company! I wish I had brought trekking poles. I didn't think I would need them since the trail is not steep but it would have helped in the few " miserable mud miles" I trudged through in certain places. I did enjoy the hundreds of tiny cute frogs that were hopping all around me. I also saw a possum in a tree , some huge turtles, alligator, snakes and woodpeckers. The area by the levee is awesome if you love insects! Lots of dragonflies and bumbles bees and wildflowers. It was actually one of my favorite spots on the trail.

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