Bonnett Carre Spillway Trail

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Bonnett Carre Spillway Trail is a 5.2 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near La Place, Louisiana that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 5.2 miles Elevation Gain: 59 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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bridge out
off trail
over grown
15 days ago

Definitely did not pick a great day to come out after the rain. Would like to try again when drier. Hard to keep track of the trail as they run very close to each other and there are some non-official trails. It’s not marked at all so could very easily get lost. You are in it with the wildlife though! Saw some monarchs, a gator, some large gator tracks, and crawdads on the trail. Not a crazy escape from the city as you hear planes fly over frequently and the squeaks of train cars nearby. Bridge was blown out early on the trail and too muddy to cross, but could backtrack a little and go along the other trail. Finally the trail kind of spits you out along a hill that borders the woody area you’re in most of the time, which was an odd way to end the hike. All in all, it’s alright but I might have come on a bad day. Bring bug spray, you’ll need it for sure.

2 months ago

Nice walk good solid boardwalk especially considering the spillway was open for so long. Now the TRASH over entire park and at the end of the trail ridiculous. LEAVE NO TRACE!!! Pack it in pack it out so simple. I get it’s not easiest place for the parish to stop in constantly any empty the trash. that being said St. Charles Parish, really?

mountain biking
over grown
2 months ago

It’s kind of nice. Just needs some maintenance

4 months ago

11 months ago

I went in September it was dry and had only sparse bugs. It was a nice stroll but I cant wait to come back with my bike. if your looking for a real connection with nature though you might walk away disappointed because of all the garbage, the oil pipeline warning signs and noise from the nearby airport. Next time I'll probably go back with a garbage bag to help clear out some of the plastic bottles ect. please take your trash with you.

Sat Oct 13 2018

VERY buggy (skeeters) and muddy, with little change in either scenery or elevation. Was happy to check it out since it’s so close to New Orleans but probably won’t return. Only saw two mountain bikers so that wasn’t an issue at all.

Wed Jul 04 2018

Nice shaded trail. Lots of small hills and switchbacks. Ran the Armadillo Dash here. It's a bit narrow for a full on race, but shade made it nice. Very dry and dusty. Pretty hot in July with no breeze. Would be a lot of fun in cooler temps.

Mon Apr 23 2018

UPDATE: (04/28/18) Couldn't resist, had to go back. trail was 90% dry and 100% runnable. light maintenance and it will back to great shape. wanted to write a review so hikers/runners/bikers could get an update since the spillway was flooded back in amarch. Today (4/22/18) I ran/walked the trail. The 1st half runs along the waters edge and since it is the high part of the trail and receives plenty of sunshine, it was 90% runnable/bikeable. The second half, which is the shady low side, was extremely wet and difficult to run. I mostly walked after slipping a few times. i'm hopeful a few more weeks of decent weather will help dry things out. As for the trail itself, it is a fun trail with the 1st half behind extremely fast. The back half is a little technical with switch backs and some up and downs. The trail is mostly clean but every once in a while root may sneak up on you, so keep your eyes open. I will try and update in late May.

Sat Nov 18 2017

It’s a bike trail, lots of turns, not a hiking trail

Sun Oct 15 2017

Nice trail for any hiker. Lots of wildlife. Not very difficult to navigate.

Sun Oct 01 2017

So many gnats. Immediately turned around.

Sat Aug 26 2017

Lovely views, and a pretty easy trail to follow. Made the mistake of going in the middle of August, and was eaten alive by mosquitos!

mountain biking
Sat Jul 08 2017

awesome mountain bike trail. Just don't go when it's still wet please for the sake of the trail!

Sun Apr 23 2017

This was a pretty trail with a lot of great views. My boyfriend and I went on a Saturday afternoon, and it wasn't too crowded. It was an easy walk, but the cyclists fly by you so be careful!

Thu Apr 20 2017

Definitely designed for biking. Lots of loop de loops fun for bikers not so much when walking. Pretty water views fern palmetto and cypress forest. Saw birds and many animal footprints in mud. Watch out for tree roots. Well covered so ok in hot weather. Many low lying areas that would be impassable in rainy season. Mid April saw lots of wildflowers. Kept my dog on leash.

Fri Apr 14 2017

Not for hiking, this trail is basically for mountain bikers only, and they will fly by you if your on foot. Saw maybe two snakes within a few minutes of walking, and countless snake holes in the ground. Would not recommend if on foot.

Sun Mar 19 2017

Plenty of shrubbery, yellow wild flowers, super lush area. You will see and hear plenty of birds singing and chatting. I encountered a bunny, plenty of squirrels, a few snakes and plenty of dragonflies. There are mosquitos so if you have sweet blood make sure to wear or bring something for that. All around beautiful circular trail. Also a mountain biking trail with boards to ride on if you are into that.

Fri Mar 03 2017

I enjoy this trail quite a bit, but rating it as moderate isn't fair to the word moderate. This trail is flat, well established, and you'll see some wildlife, and as long as you can hike around 5 miles, not difficult.

Tue Feb 28 2017

Nice day hike. I suggest hiking against bike traffic so you can give them the right of way. All the riders were quite polite.

Tue Feb 14 2017

Good easy hike on a day in February. Didn't have to worry about bugs. Did see trash here and their on the trail. Heard airplanes throughout the hike. Went early afternoon & only saw 2 other bikers using the trail besides us. No wild pigs only birds,deer & 1 butterfly.

Sun Nov 13 2016

Wild pigs keep your distance.

Sun Nov 06 2016

Nice walk or ride when it's not so hot.

mountain biking
Sat Sep 24 2016

It is a wonderful trail, and I am grateful to those who maintain it. Haven't been there since the spillway opened and closed, but before that, here's some advice: Wear mosquito repellant such as a very effective recipe on the internet with catnip tea, essential oil, vanilla, and witch Hazel. Have good front AND back brakes and don’t be afraid to slow down…some of the declines are pretty momentous. Putt-putt once through so you know where the sand is. More important, anticipate the stretches that are 10-foot drop-off’s parallel to water and those with some sand too. It is not a beginner bike trail. When you hear the "bike holler" or bell, just pull over or stand aside to the right to let them pass. Some of these bikers slam this trail, and rightly so, but if you've been riding for a few months, even on the street fast and hard, you can get through. All the bridges have walk-arounds, which I use most of the time. Berms were well maintained when I went, but can't say now. I wish we could get rid of the loose sand for the sake of safety and speed.

Fri Aug 05 2016

I tried to go in but the trail was a bit over grown for my first time hiking alone. I had my two dogs with me and I was nervous there would be snakes, since I didn't see any signs of people on the trail already ( parking lot was empty). I hesitated to be the first to go today, I'm not a fan of clearing the Cobb webs with my face. So yes. I chickened out. I feel silly but my instinct told me it was a bad idea and I got an overwhelming urge to get outta there, so I listened to my gut. I would go again. I will go again, if I saw people on the trail I would have proceeded. Two young Guys headed to the trail and got as far as I did. they sat on the picnic bench at the opening of the trail and played on their phones. Not sure why, but if they didn't want to go in.... I think it's safe to say I wasn't the only one hesitant. The trail is narrow and there is a bayou and lots of ferns, it's typical swampy hiking. My younger dog is a total spas kinda like me, so I will go, but it will be with another person, yes a human shield. There is a cool service road that ends at a bayou which I checked out and enjoyed.

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