Photos of Windy Cave

0.7 miles
403 feet
Out & Back



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2 months ago

This turned out to be a great little outing! Admittedly there are more impressive arches and trails with better vistas, but the historical Red River (Fitchburg) Furnace at the parking area was worth the trip by itself. To find the spot, put “Fitchburg, KY” in your GPS. You’ll pass a sign saying you’re entering “Fitchburg Historical Site.” Drive a littler farther and you’ll see the parking and furnace on the left. The furnace is quite impressive and in good condition. It offers picnic tables but no bathrooms. Go up the stairs to the left of the furnace and take the trail off to the left. This will bring you behind the lodge of the church camp. Follow the road bearing left at the fork. The trail starts across from the picnic shelter. It crosses a bridge and then splits. Take the right fork straight up the hill. Wear good footwear—it is quite steep. Not my definition of an easy trail at all. Also, there is a rift down the center of the trail narrow but several feet deep. Follow the silver triple hexagon markers up the hill. You will reach a stone outcropping at about 0.2 mi. After you catch your breath, take the right fork following the dark blue hexagons another 0.1 mi. To Windy Cave, which is really more of a window than a cave. The trail continues to the top of the ridge but is overgrown with poison ivy and thorn bushes, so we did not continue. Maybe the cave was further on. We headed back to the rock outcropping and chose to take the other fork which is a much longer route back. It goes past a few small waterfalls that were just trickling and the back side of the cliff with the windy window arch. It makes a “U” along a plateau below the rock cliffs before making a rather steep decent that was made treacherous by mud and wet leaves before crossing the valley floor back to the picnic shelter. We followed the road back through the Asbury RV Park to the main road and back to the car. In all it was a 2mi 1.5 hr hike and well worth the trip. I would definitely not have listed it as “easy” though.