Tioga Falls Hiking Trail

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Tioga Falls Hiking Trail is a 1.9 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near West Point, Kentucky that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

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Wooded trail, high train trestles, 130 ft waterfall. Very nice hike through a hardwood forest. About 1/3 of a mile from the trailhead, the trail splits to form the loop. I recommend taking the left trail first, which will get the climb over with so that it is all downhill from there. This loop trail passes by 2 large train trestles that are still operational, but please stay off of the tracks. You will soon pass by an old set of stone steps, these steps lead downhill to remnents of an old spring house near the creek below. This was used as a stopping place for carriages in the 19th century. After about a mile you will come to the Tioga Falls, which is actually a series of falls, or even a cascade if the water flow is light. From top to bottom, the Falls are about 130 feet high. At this point the trail turns and loops back to the trailhead. The lower portion of the loop follows Tioga Creek, for approximately 1/2 mile. The trail soon reconnects, leading back to the parking area.

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21 days ago

This trail is still closed and doesn't look like much is being worked on. It was quite disappointing to walk in that far and then have to turn around. We found signs on the ground after we walked back out.

1 month ago

Is this trail open yet 2.18.2017

Trail is closed halfway. Barbwire across trail. No warning at trailhead its closed. No posting notice online. As of 2-4-17. Status may change in future. Drove three hours for nothing.

very short trail, not much to see on the way there and the "falls" is not much of a water fall

2 months ago

trail was closed mid way up, so I'm not really sure how the trail is. the annoying thing is we had no idea it was closed until we got to the block. no signs at the bottom to let you know.

4 months ago

5 months ago

awesome trail.... can't wait to try it on the first snow.

5 months ago

a very nice hike and was pretty. pretty easy too

5 months ago

a very nice hike pretty and very easy

5 months ago

Our first Kentucky hike. We thoroughly enjoyed the walk back to the falls. Agree with all the reviews that it's fairly steep and rocky. We were glad we had our trekking poles. The label of moderate is accurate. I really do wish I'd taken a trash bag; unbelievable the amount of trash that people throw --Shameful!!!
Well marked and easy to find.

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6 months ago

6 months ago

Up the trail and to the falls is great. Once to the top you may wonder why
it’s called a looped trail. I talked to a local (I’m from Indianapolis)
and she said that the trail does continue but hasn’t been maintained in
years. She added that if I continue on to stick to the creekbed. Most of
the way I walked in the creekbed. However, at one point my leg got stuck
in sand with water up to my knee. I thought my shoe might get sucked off
pulling out my leg. Most of the way the creekbed is easily passable. At
times ground is easily passable. Only several times was it difficult to
pass either way and I’m not someone that avoids a challenge.

Eventually you’ll pass underneath the railroad tracks that you initially
crossed to get to the Falls. It’s at that point that I suggest you
continue your walk on dry land. It doesn’t mean go back up to the train
tracks (which would be difficult), just get out of the water. Not long
after you’ll come to a road that, if you take a right, will take you back
to the parking lot.

Take some mosquito repellant with you if you continue on past the falls.

6 months ago

7 months ago

It is in and back, no loop that I could find. Wear good shoes as the rocky footing is tricky at times. The water was low, but still beautiful. Would definitely do this hike again..and maybe next time pick up those damn cig butts some left on the trail. Will bring trash bag next time. Felt safe to do this hike alone with my dog, only saw one other person on the path.

7 months ago

The scenery was beautiful n would love to hike it again but w/o my Yorkie-poo..the trail was too much for her little body.

8 months ago

The view didn't change much. The waterfall was beautiful. Was able to set up a hammock and relax. Quick & easy (: