Rudy Mines Trail is a 4.8 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Owensboro, Kentucky that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 4.8 miles Elevation Gain: 400 feet Route Type: Loop

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These trails are great for hiking or mountain biking. Lots of wildlife to see as you enjoy the woods in this lesser traveled trail at Ben Hawes State Park.

25 days ago

Great trail! Not best for small kiddos but our dogs loved it! Only slightly muddy in spots. You have to watch out for mountain bikers but very shaded, well maintained, and plenty of hills and scenery.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great trail. We are new to mountain biking, and this trail is perfect for the adventure we are looking for. Great flow, nice variations in elevation. Clockwise and counter clockwise directions for different days of the week. Nice! Very well-marked and maintained paths. Overall, a great trail ride.


2 months ago

Up..down..up..down..repeat. Saw 4 deer crossing 25 yards from us, 60 degrees and beautiful...only one biker came through but courteous...went 4 miles but plenty of options to shorten or lengthen w one of the best marked trails in the area.

mountain biking
3 months ago

It is a good Flowey trail. If you are looking for much airtime this is not the trail for you.

5 months ago

This is a biking & walking trail. The trails were well-maintained and wide. Nice area. If you're taking dogs, be prepared to have to remove stickers from their coats if they walk anywhere other than down the middle of the trail. Loved the well-marked trails and will return to try different trails. We also saw some deer.

mountain biking
7 months ago

Was really good, especially being free.

Sun May 05 2019

Great flowy trails. Easy enough my wife can do it, but challenging to ride fast due to some tight turns at bottom of hills and quick direction changes. My favorite trail.

Tue Dec 25 2018

Great Christmas Day hike. Good wide trails, some wet but expected with recent rains. Very enjoyable.

mountain biking
Mon Nov 27 2017

Amazing green trail, the turns and downhill riding get you’re adrenaline rushing!

Thu Nov 16 2017

the green loop was roughly 2 miles and everything was marked well. I enjoyed this trail and would do it again.

Thu Sep 07 2017

I just went out to this place today and want everyone to know the area to hike is no longer their. Where the trail starts its all grown up with weeds and stuff to where u can not get through i did ask someone and they said same thing could not acess the trail and that the city took over it and just let it go not sure why but i was disapointed specially coming from evansville,in

Tue Apr 18 2017

Beautiful trails right in my own backyard

Sun Apr 16 2017

I had a great time on the green trail. I was able to do it twice to get the miles I desired. Shared trailer with bikes, very friendly people.

Fri Oct 21 2016

More for the biking folk. Had to pull my dog over numerous times to not get run over, but it's nice wooded trail.

Wed Sep 07 2016

First time hiking Rudy Mine this past weekend. Great asset to Daviess County.

Sun Aug 14 2016

Great trail system. It is a mountain bike trail and has been worn very smooth, with lots of hills. There are several interlocking trails that are color coded. A person can choose which trail and how much distance they desire. The trail is well marked, and at many points, tells you where to go to exit the trail, for a shorter or longer hike/bike. The longest part is 6-7 miles. But it could be made to be much longer if desired.

mountain biking
Mon Jul 04 2016

Great biking trail! Very smooth and well maintained with a good mix of climbs and quick downhills. Not technical or overly challenging, but a very fun and fast track. If you are walking/running LOOK OUT! These trails are blind in the summer time with vegetation and a fast moving bike will pop up without warning

Sun Jun 12 2016

Nice! I like that you can reach a distance and find to landmark that will send you back to parking lot.

Fri May 13 2016

Great Trail! Only found 1 tick on me, none on dogs. Hikers go one way, bikers go the other, and all of the bikers were very friendly and considerate of the hikers! We hiked 5.5 miles today but you could probably get at least 7 miles without looping if you wanted to. There are wide trails and skinny trails, but all are very well maintained!

Thu Apr 30 2015

This is a great trail! Our "go to", close to home, trail. We have only walked, hiked and ran these trails. Looking forward to getting our bikes out there. There are several trails and while they cross back and forth you still seem pretty secluded especially when the leaves are on the trees. We have seen deer, turkey, and coyote in addition to plentiful squirrels and rabbits and birds. Just be prepared, some trails have hikers/runners go in one direction and bikers (on the same trail) go in the opposite direction, depending on the day of the week. This has worked good during those days we shared the path with bikers.

mountain biking
Tue Apr 28 2015

This one of my favorite mountain bike trails. Rode the blue trail on 04/24/15 and it was in very good condition. There was only a couple soft areas. Trails are fast and fun and really wear me out. Trails are directional so check to make sure you are going the right direction. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, trail rides counter clockwise. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, trail rides clockwise.

Fri Jan 02 2015

I am a beginner mt. biker. first day out on the trail with a new bike. I did the 7mi trail with 3 others I met there and we're nice enough to show me around. Kicked me ass. good work out. good trails. recomend to anyone. I'm sore and tired. so it worked.

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