Moonbow Trail

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Moonbow Trail is a 13.4 mile point-to-point trail located near Parkers Lake, Kentucky that features a river. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking, walking, and trail running.

13.4 miles 1604 feet Point to Point


trail running





This is the section of the Sheltowee Trace #2 that goes from Cumberland Falls to the mouth of the Laurel River.

9 months ago

The trail could use some maintenance. There are several trees down across the trail, and it's overgrown in a few areas. The trail reroutes could be a little better marked. It is definitely longer than the 11 miles stated on the sign at the Mouth of Laurel boat ramp. Both shelters are in good condition. There are some awesome Creek crossings with beautiful scenery. All of the bridges are standing and in good condition, except one, but it is still usable. Overall I would say this is a great trail, and I would definitely hike it again.

1 year ago

This was some of the roughest 13 mile trek in my long history of hiking. It's maintained poorly, the terrain was pure hell, but then again , I'm out of shape. It's actually 13 miles, not 10. A section of it was washed out and crossing was a little chossy, I wouldn't recommend this trail for inexperienced hikers. It's fun and scenic, though, so enjoy it. I really loved the giant spider webs (the huge garden spider kind) I had to walk through every five feet. I wish I were exaggerating. When I slung my pack off at the end of the hike, there were like 15 thick banana spiders crushed all along my back, the poor things.

1 year ago

Completed it last weekend. Offers some good views. Terrain and lack of maintenance of the trail push it above the moderate rating given by the Forest Service. Please note that there are several bridges out that are not indicated on any Forestry or State Park site. Both shelters are standing and in good condition. Storm damage and flooding have been major factors in lengthening the distance of this trail. Measured out in real distance to right over 13 miles now, not 10.8.

2 years ago

We did 3.5 miles from Cumberland Falls to Dogslaughter falls. First mile or rocky with stairs ... then levels out some. Very scenic.

4 years ago

I hiked this trail this past weekend and it was a load of fun. A very popular trail as well. Loads of fun!