Photos of Koomer Ridge and Gray's Arch Loop

Distance: 11.0 miles Elevation Gain: 2,178 feet Route Type: Loop






14 days ago

I’m 40, in descent shape and I thought this trail was a very strenuous hike. It was a sunny day. High was 88 and it was humid. This is not the typical trail I’m used to at the Gorge. I can only think of 1 scenic overlook. Lots of foliage which provided nice shade. At one point, I thought the sun was going down because it seemed so dark and it was only 5pm. Lots of elevation changes and a lot of nice spots to hang out by the river which provided a nice breeze. I set up the hammock next to the river at one point and took a 20 min nap and was never bothered. I probably saw other hikers on average once every hour. No ticks, no snakes so all in all in all, it was a good hike. I’ll give it a 4 star only because it lacked the scenic overlooks. Also, disregard my map at the end. I forgot to stop recording until I got down the parkway to the gas station. I uploaded the results from my Apple Watch. I did remember to shut it off when I got to the end of the trail.

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