12.1 miles
141 feet
Point to Point

dogs on leash

wheelchair friendly

kid friendly

stroller friendly


nature trips

road biking

trail running


partially paved

rails trails

no shade

3 days ago

This is an old railroad track area that has been repurposed as a very nice city trail.
I went in from the Garden Plains end. The Directions get you there just fine. But I questioned where to park and if I should get off the main road and drive down to trail head. I gave it a go and that turned out to be the thing to do. Not a lot of room to park there and I recommend you turn your car back around so you are facing toward the main road in case more cars join you.
I hiked in 3 miles and then the 3 miles back out. It’s a flat trail and has a crushed limestone base. Not a lot of mud. No one was on the trail but me. It was great. But it was late afternoon on a Thursday and It was the “end of the trail”. Ie I didn’t start in Goodard. I will try it that way the next time I visit Wichita. I saw deer, Doves, quail, and a skunk! It was a quiet enjoyable walk.