Wildcat Cave Trail

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Wildcat Cave Trail is a 0.2 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Eldora, Iowa that features a river. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking.

0.3 miles 61 feet Out & Back

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old growth

over grown


This 2 mile trail takes you down the ravine to Wildcat Cave. DO NOT ENTER TRAILS IF THERE IS A POSSIBILITY OF RAIN IN CASE OF FLASH FLOODING. To find Wildcat Cave cross the footbridge and follow the ravine to the right and down towards the river about 30 feet. Conditions are overgrown, muddy and rocky. The cave is perched in the red sandstone wall about 15 feet above the dry stream bed on the left. It is about 6 feet high for the first 10 feet then drops to a crawling height for the remaining 20 feet. At the entrance you will see carved signatures dating back to the 19th century and petrified wood deeper within the cave. The cave is muddy and smells of animal. Bring a bright flashlight, gloves and kneepads for crawling. The book "Iowa Underground: A Guide to the State's Subterranean Treasures" has more information and is available to view for free on books.google.com.

6 months ago

Nice short hike down a beautiful, secluded ravine

9 months ago

2 years ago

This is a super easy hike as long as the ravine is dry. The cave is a neat bit of history. Very Indiana Jones!