5.3 miles
465 feet

kid friendly



nature trips

trail running




6 months ago

Jacob Krumm offers 2 loop routes with a connector trail on the far end. This set of trails can be accessed from 2 different points, so you can choose either loop if you just want to do one. I really like these trails very much. Each loop has a different feel to it. The trails are 10-12 feet wide and primarily mowed grass.

The west loop features a small lake. On one side it is mostly wooded and the trail leads up to a nice little overlook. A short spur trail leads up even further if one would like. The other side of the lake the trail goes up to the top of a hill, which is covered in typical Iowa prairie wildflowers.

The short connector trail is very steep in one spot and there is a stream with a bridge and some benches near there as well. It is a nice spot to take a 5 or 10 minute break.

The east loop is primarily Iowa prairies with a wooded section on the east half. There is a nice overlook of some picturesque corn fields and you can see pretty far, with a wind turbine and water tower way off in the distance. There is a little pond near the parking area for the eastern loop as well.