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mountain biking
5 months ago

I rode the section of trail from Maxwell to just past Cambridge (~7 miles one way) on a hybrid bike. The unpaved trail is about 90% hard surface, crushed limestone but at some road crossings it is paved for 50 or 100 yards on either side of the crossing. The other 10% is variable between slightly soft to “my legs are burning my legs are burning!” soft soft sand. One section was so bad that there is a trail starting to form in the side grass (which is supposed to be for equestrians) where many bikes couldn’t take the softness and instead switched to the grass side. The evidence is quite damning.

This trail is primarily “open”, so in mid-summer very few shady areas. Both sides of the trail are predominantly corn fields. There are some trees and a stream or two and some boggy areas, but they aren’t attractive or picturesque in any way at all. I could possibly ride it again someday, but only because it is close to where I live. To many soft spots in combination with bad scenery make this a low priority trail in my book (for biking). However, if I want somewhere close for a walk with my dog on something that isn't paved, I may revisit it.

Throughout my 14 mile ride (first warm day of spring, on a weekend) I encountered 1 jogger, a couple with their dog, and 1 equestrian.