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1,893 feet

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3 months ago

I hiked most of this trail this past weekend with some scouts who were prepping for Philmont. The trail was challenging and pushed all of us

We started at Old Forest Road, traveled clockwise, and finished by exiting the gravel road that runs from the Old Iron Bridge (OIB) to the entrance of the horse camp. The trail was nice and well marked, even through the small reroute on the southern end. The trail was slick in many places due to moisture. Water was non-existent existent. The portion on the trail in the reroute that is shared with horses, was destroyed and muddy as heck but, it was pretty short. While the hike was nice, there weren't many views because of the foliage.

One note as you are planning your water caches. The park map shows that water is available near the trail, at the end of the horse camp. This is not accessible for hikers becuase of the steep hillside between the trail and marked water. Even the walk from the trail, up the OIB access road, through the horse camp, isnt reasonable. This source was marked for the horse camp.

We dropped water where the trail crossed Cold Friday Road and again at the Pioneer Picnic Shelter. A third drop near the OIB would be nice if you didn't want to try filtering from the river but, I'm not sure how that would done.

Have fun and be safe.