4.5 miles
255 feet

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kid friendly



mountain biking

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wild flowers

26 days ago

This is my favorite trail at this park. I like the way it meanders and undulates. It’s well maintained and marked. I did miss a turn (my fault) and made an unexpected loop a just over two miles in, but I didn’t mind as appreciated the extra distance.

I’m not certain if mountain bikes are allowed, but I was hit by a mountain biker during my hike. I noticed him as he was approaching from about sixty feet behind me. He shouted “Coming through!” at 30 feet away. I wasted no time jumping off the path, but as he was leaning into a turn, his shoulder clipped my shoulder. He didn’t slow down as he approach me and was going way too fast to make a pass. He shouted “My fault!”, but he didn’t even stop to see if I was ok.

I was so shocked at what just happen I didn’t have the words to say anything as we could see each other across from one of the ravines moments later. He wouldn’t look at me.

I wasn’t hurt, but I was pretty upset about the situation as I almost had my six yo daughter come along with me. She decided to stay back last minute as she’s had come down with a cold. I felt what the cyclist did was very reckless, and I’m thankful my daughter wasn’t there as she might have not made it out of the way.

I’m an avid cyclist, I commuted to work by bike for seven years, and support bicycle advocacy groups. I believe mountain bikers should have a place to ride. However, this cyclist was completely reckless. I’m glad I didn’t run into him back at the parking lot as I sure I would’ve said some choice words (not my character).