Hayswood Nature Reserve Trail

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Corydon, Indiana

Hayswood Nature Reserve Trail is a 1.2 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Corydon, Indiana that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and nature trips and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 1.2 miles Elevation Gain: 239 feet Route Type: Loop

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Paved walking trail, uphill climb, wooded hike, overlooking Corydon This hike is basically 2 hikes in 1. There is a 0.5 mile paved loop trail that leads through a nearly flat wooded area. This portion of the trail is suitable for nearly everyone. At the far end of the loop trail are restrooms, and a spur trail that leads to the top of the hill. The trail to the top, can be difficult to find at times. There are additional spur trails to the right, which lead to steep cliffs overlooking a mixture of woods and farmland. Continuing to the top of the hill, you will eventually level off to a flat top. There is a series of 10 foot mounds, that can be tricky to negotiate, but are fun to investigate. Hiking along the top leads to an overlook of the city of Corydon. Retrace your steps back to the paved trail and complete the loop hike to the parking area.

23 days ago

Walked the Indian Creek trail. It is paved at the beginning and runs along Indian Creek. You go over a nice bridge then the trail loops around and turns to a gravel trail. Good for an evening walk.

24 days ago

Very confusing at the top

2 months ago

There are 2 trails at the nature preserve. The first trailhead is just north of the picnic pavillion near the entrance to the preserve. Look for the American flag with an eagle on top of the pole, follow a paved path towards a wooded hill, that's where you will find the trailhead. This trail winds through a woodland, up a slightly rocky hill to a great view of Corydon. There is also a longer paved trail that begins at the southern end of the Natire Preserve parking lot down by Indian Creek. This trail hugs the creek and leads to a YMCA in Corydon.

8 months ago

After you pass traverse the asphalt the trail goes nowhere. It doesn’t stay on the path shown on the map.

Sun Mar 31 2019


Sat Feb 23 2019

There is now a bridge and trail that connects this section to the Indian Creek Doolittle section which extends it from Hayswood Park to the YMCA parking lot and is 3.1 total miles. Paved from start to finish, winding along Indian Creek through the woods, this trail is as good as it gets for a city trail.

Tue Nov 06 2018

To start, the "walking trail" sign is pointing away from the paved section. We walked down to the playground and never saw another trail head. Went back and took the paved loop back to a trail leading to an overlook. Perhaps we missed something because I never saw a creek or a bridge. There may have been a split that led down; where we went up. There were a lot of leaves on the ground. I'd be willing to go back to find out.

Mon Sep 10 2018

nice paved trail. Currently they are expanding it, will be great when it reaches further.

Fri Jul 13 2018

Love this trail. Can’t wait for it to connect with the trail downtown!

Wed Oct 04 2017

pretty easy trail, paved and then gravel.

Wed Jul 26 2017

Nice paved and gravel loop path along Big Indian creek.

Mon Oct 17 2016

Loved it!!! I'm from Oregon and our trails are mossy and muddy, Indiana you've got it going on!!!!! The squirrels loved lobbing their acorns at me the entire trail! We saw a few rabbits, ducks, geese, and deer! Had a blast till sunset!!

Sat Jun 25 2016

Nice place for a quick burn.

road biking
Thu May 26 2016

Very nice concrete trail along small river, mostly flat.

Sat Mar 26 2016

A very pretty place but too crowded for my comfort. Dog friendly and well maintained. River views are pretty awesome. It's a wonderful walking trail for a quick two miles of exercise!

Sun Mar 22 2015

This Whole park is just a great place to bring the family. The highlight of it all is the indian creek trail which is beautiful and a restored red bridge along its path.

Sun Jan 25 2015

Hayswood Park - Indian Creek Trail Hayswood Park is one of my local trails; easy and quick for us to visit. There are two trails available at Hayswood Park – the original trail is in the upper portion of the park and includes the bluff overlook. The "newer" Indian Creek Trail is at the lower end of the park past the duck pond. This is the trail we normally walk and the trail that I am reviewing today. We got an early start today since we have rain moving into the area this afternoon. Temps were pretty mild, making for an enjoyable walk this morning. In the lower portion of the park there is a duck pond with fishing pier, a basketball court and picnic tables. The area was clean and well maintained. The trail starts at the parking lot. The path for the primary trail is asphalt and is wide and well maintained. There are numerous benches and trash cans located along the trail and both the park and trail were very clean. This trail follows along Indian Creek and at other times of the year I have seen Cranes and Egrets in the creek. The steep limestone bluffs are always beautiful rising up from the creek bed below. Normally we follow the asphalt trail to its end and turn around and walk back. Today we took the gravel walking path and made the loop back around. The gravel walking path is clearly marked with large signs. The path was well maintained, wide and easy to follow. This lesser used path offered some very nice views of Indian Creek. The only “odd” thing was halfway through the gravel loop there is a single occupied home. The path runs right next to the small obviously occupied house. This morning their dog was out and loose and followed us for a while. The gravel path returns to the asphalt path near the bridge. In this area there is a path down to the creek and Annie went down to take a look, but didn’t get her feet wet. The bridge used on the trail is the Rothrock Mill Bridge. This 160 foot long steele truss bridge once crossed the Blue River; but was relocated and now stretches across Indian Creek here at Hayswood Nature Reserve. There are plans (not currently in progress) to connect this section of the Indian Creek Trail to two other existing sections of Indian Creek Trail which would make an amazing trail. This trail is frequented by a wide variety of folks – dog walkers, families, runners, solo walkers and young and elderly couples. The asphalt trail would be an easy and enjoyable walk for hikers of all abilities.

Thu Jun 12 2014

Decent trails with paved trail along Indian River with scenic overpass. Walking paths in woods with crushed stone walkways.

Wed Feb 02 2011

I grew up running on this trail.. Lots of good memories

1 month ago

2 months ago

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