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Queen's River Loop

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Queen's River Loop is a 29.9 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Atlanta, Idaho that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, bird watching, fishing, and backpacking and is best used from July until September.

Distance: 29.9 miles Elevation Gain: 5,928 feet Route Type: Loop




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Clockwise from Queen's River Trailhead near Atlanta, Idaho is the best way to go. Not insignificant tree fall in places. The trail disappeared as it ascends to Pat's Lake and some dead-reckoning was required. Pat's Lake is one of the most beautiful, pristine lake of all the Sawtooth's. The hike down is along Queen's River and includes a crossing that is wide and swift usually until late summer.

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over grown
4 months ago

The trail deserves 2 stars only because 1 star = bushwhacking. The views and lack of traffic deserves 5 stars. We left about 5 PM on day one, planning to hike the loop in 4 days. We were hiking counterclockwise (up the Queens River Drainage) because an old guidebook from the 70’s said it was the best way to go - less elevation gain over the first several miles. A fire in 2013 has left multiple deadfall trees per mile. An avalanche last year (?) also left a pretty large debris field about mile 7.5. All of these can be overcome with a good trail eye and some leg work. Not having a good trail eye, we missed a river crossing due to several downed trees and bouldered for about 1/4 mile before retreating down & across the river before locating the trail. Day 2 we encountered a 2-3 year old brown bear. Must have been a female ‘cause when I yelled, “Hey baby, how are you doing?” She took of running. Camped about 10 miles in at another river crossing. Only saw a couple people, one of whom said there was even more deadfall on the other side of the loop. Day 3 we did a short side hike then returned down the way we came arriving at the trailhead about noon on day 4. We are going to come in on the clockwise side (Little Queens) in a couple weeks to see if there are as many trees down on this side. Overall, beautiful, quiet, and a wonderfully hard hike.

2 months ago