8.8 miles
3,018 feet

dog friendly


trail running


Mark S. (Post before mine) took the words out of my mouth. We also did it counter clockwise (up pioneer and down long gulch), and would recommend doing it the other way, especially if you have a bum knee like me. I’m still very very glad we did the full loop instead of just the out and back on pioneer like we had planned tho, but coming down in some spots on long gulch were kind of intimidating with all the loose/sliding rocks and how steep it was, and it would have been slightly easier to climb up instead.

My Fitbit tracked right at 10 miles, and it ended up taking 5 hours- a good bit longer than we had allotted/expected. (But honestly a solid 30 mins of that was solely because I kept having to take a second pause to take pictures haha)

I just moved from Alaska (land of beautiful scenery), and the 360 views and changes in scenery absolutely blew my mind! I definitely would recommend it, you won’t be disappointed!!!!!