Lone Lake Trail

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Lone Lake Trail is a 5 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Mullan, Idaho that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from May until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

5.0 miles
1784 feet
Out & Back

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4 days ago

Four of us headed to this trail yesterday morning. We had read the reviews so finding the trailhead was easy. The trail was well maintained and easy to follow. It is pretty much straight uphill until it flattens out as you approach the lake. We were not disappointed upon our arrival, it is a beautiful lake. Yesterday was very windy though but comfortable. There is a large firepit on the north side of the lake which we utilized for barbecuing some bratwursts for our lunch. We explored the south side of the lake, and two of pur party went further south to find a small lake that was un-named on the map. They were successful. There had been reports of snow on the trail a week ago that prevented a group from getting to the lake, but the snow patches had melted more and the trail was passable without snowshoes. The flowers were beautiful along the trail, and there were waterfalls roaring throughout the hike. There was only one other person on the lake during the entire time we were there so it was a quiet day on the trail.

14 days ago

This is a wonderful hike! I went with my friend and my dog. We saw several little snakes and a moose. I used the coordinates to find the trailhead. It's up a very Rocky and steep road. I actually stopped about 400 feet from the trail head because I thought for sure I was on the wrong route. We hiked up from my parked car and saw that there's a port-a-potty, picnic table and two trail heads, so we walked back down to my car and drove it up the 400 feet and parked it. Thankfully, there was another man there who had hiked this trail several times and gave us instructions on how to hike it. Take the trail to the right. Someone took black sharpie and wrote "Lone Lake Trail" on the top of the yellow sign, so you'll know you picked the right trail. Once you've hiked up a dirt/gravely trail for a bit it looks like it continues up to the right with a very sharp curve. Do NOT follow this. Keep walking straight. It'll look like a small trail and you'll probably doubt that you took the right path, but keep going this way and you'll see a sign on a tree on the right and some discreet Cairns that mark the trail. From that point on the path is pretty obvious. We unfortunately couldn't make it all the way because there was a bunch of snow on the trail that was on a big slope and we weren't properly outfitted for that type of terrain, so we turned around and headed back. We got about a 3 hour hike in total. It was magnificent! On our way home we stopped in Wallace at the 1313 Pub. The food was great! And then we went to the Wallace Brewery. Delicious! Happy Hiking!!

24 days ago

1 month ago

May 21: We hiked in to the steep ridge ascent and lost the trail. Still several feet of snow. Still had great workout and beautiful 64 degree day. We will be back!

7 months ago

Very nice trail. Hiked it on November 17th and at most had about 5" of snow to trudge through. The trail is uphill for the whole trail until you reach the slight descent into the lake itself. The snow added a little more challenge, but we were able to make it up without any trouble. Didn't have to deploy the snowshoes, but came close. Overall this is a great trail with a pretty good view to see. Recommend this for anyone looking for a nice day hike or a backpacking trip.

8 months ago

Lone Lake Trail is a very nice day hike. I have done it in the spring, summer, and autumn. In the spring time, you can expect to cross a few seasonal streams, and see considerably more water over the water fall compared to other times of the year. I just completed a late September hike. The color of the leaves and the reflection in the lake were magical.

If this is your first hike here, please be advised that Lone Lake and Stevens Lake share a parking area near their trail heads. For the trail to Lone Lake, there is a bit of uncertainty as to where the access road ends and the trail begins. I strongly recommend studying the aerial map carefully before hiking this trail.

8 months ago

You have to love late September for the trails along I-90 in Idaho and Montana - the colors are amazing. Simple overnight in the bowl above Lone Lake and that other long pond-ish thing. Air was clean, trail was well-maintained (except around Long Pond), and we had the place to ourselves.
TRAIL - easy to get to with any vehicle, and the trail head is well-marked a little to the right of the trail leading to Stevens. The trail is fairly short, but it's steep enough to keep you breathing. We decided to camp all the way up the valley, and you'll find the trail to/around Long Pond is a little sketchy. Lots of game trails that have you on/off the trail quite a bit. Keep going to the left of the long pond and you'll find your way into a nice open drainage heading to the top. We recorded our route down today, and it marks the nice camp site at the top.
LAKE - pretty nice lake with a decent bit of camping to the left when you first hit the lake. BIG fire pit at what is called, "Camp Sleepy Dog'. Right, or West side of the lake has a smaller site with a little fire pit, and this is the way to keep going if you want to go up.
SURROUNDINGS - Lots of water along the trail, so if you are staying the night, hike light on water. The plants this time of year are a yellow/orange/red rainbow; simply breathtaking. Saw a herd of 8-ish elk making light work of the crazy slope on the east side of the valley. The camp site all the way up in the bowl was magical. A little creek runs over a small rise to the west of the camp site, and it will remind you of something the Shire might have. I took a good number of pictures, enjoying Lightroom's new merge feature for doing panoramas with larger cameras. Beautiful place.
OVERALL - great overnight, and super happy with the site at the end of the line. We tried to find a way to the ridge from the bowl, but it seems to have us going side hill a long way back to find a ridge to climb up. We'll take it from the top next time. Late season is gorgeous.

9 months ago

Kind of steep, but worth it! It was so beautiful in September. We are coming back for a weekend backpacking and camping and staying at this lake as well as Steven's lake. Seen a moose and it's young along the way that let us pass without any problems.

10 months ago

Beautiful hike, steep but worth the climb!!

10 months ago

11 months ago

Steep and long, but well-worth the hard work. Awesome waterfall and pristine mountain lake made for a perfect rest spot.

Monday, June 20, 2016

What a beautiful hike! Musical waterfalls, majestic slopes, and a serene lake. I couldn't ask for more.

Monday, June 13, 2016

decided to do a day hike took our dogs. this is not a beginners hike very steep in most places. but if u can do it. its well worth the end result. extremely beautiful all the waterfalls and the lake was stunning

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

We hiked this trail on the 1st of May. It was too early in the year to get to the lake. However, we made it about 90% of the way there before turning back because the snow was too deep and we kept slipping or putting our feet through it up well beyond our knees. We went high enough up that sliding down on our behinds was the most efficient and safest way of coming down. Not to mention we laughed a lot from the sheer fun of it. This is an incredibly beautiful hike even without the lake as there are several waterfalls that make it all worthwhile. We'll be back in the fall to do it again!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Saturday, June 06, 2015

This is a really beautiful hike but be warned, its 2.25 miles of steep to the lake. There is a very short section after about 1.5 miles where it levels out for a few hundred yards but then its back to steep. We hiked this in early June and there was a few patches of snow but nothing on the trail. The wildflowers were in full bloom and we didn't have any problem with bugs until later in the afternoon when the mosquitoes came out but we were leaving by then. Its an amazingly beautiful lake fed by an equally amazing waterfall on the SE side of the lake. There are a number of easy feeder creek crossings as you switchback up the last mile to the lake but they weren't a problem, but they might be any earlier than mid June. Snow pack for this area was very low in 2015. There are a couple of rather hard to get to campsites by the lake but its a rather small lake mostly surrounded by steep hillsides. The trail head is not well well marked but it is very close to another trailhead (Stevens Lake). I made it up the road in a Chevy equinox but would have much preferred something with more ground clearance. There is a toilet and plenty of parking.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Awesome trail. Fairly easy to find from the logging activity and easy to follow after that. The trail includes some step and rocky terrain to get to the lake. Along the way we came across a small waterfall and beautiful vegetation in glorious fall colors. The lake was beautiful with a scenic background and full of cutthroat trout. Only saw a couple small camping options with fire rings. Huckleberries still present and delicious this fall day. It was a great and rare 70+ degree day in October.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Beautiful hike! the trail head can be a little tricky to find, as its 1.5 miles up a rough service road from the parking lot. the trail can be a little rough at times but it is definitely worth the effort. the waterfall is fun to scale and with the proper shoes you can scramble up the waterfall all the way to the lake avoiding the trail all together.

Monday, July 21, 2014

It was a great hike. Poured down rain but who cares. We felt like we were in Glacier Park. We will do this one several more times. Great Huckleberry picking as well. Tim, Linda and Cody Heinig