Blossom Lakes Trail

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Blossom Lakes Trail is a 5.5 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Murray, Idaho that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from June until October. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

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Hiked in on 6/24/17. Beautiful hike and there is a lot to explore on the way there. We ventured on to Upper Blossom and Pear Lake and we were not disappointed. The last half mile of the trail to Pear was snow covered but we were able to easily follow the tracks in the snow to the lake thanks to the review on 6/20/17, we were able to do this confidently. We came in at 11 miles total going to all three lakes and some additional exploring. The only unfortunate thing we encountered was A LOT of horse dung on the trail which attracted a lot of horse flies. Wish they had to clean up after their animals.

6 months ago

We didn't make it to the lake cause it started to snow heavily, it was getting dark and pretty sure We had an animal watching us for about a mile. We were about 3.5 miles in and trekked through 2 feet of snow. We forgot our snow shoes which was a bad idea. the distance of 5.5 is not accurate for this trail. We will for sure be going back but will bring snowshoes or wait for spring!

8 months ago

I love this hike. I do it at least once a summer. Would highly recommend. We always come in from the Idaho side off of Burke canyon rd/ FSRD 7623. Part of the trail is the centennial trail and you leave it to drop down into Pear Lake before continuing on to Blossom. That part of the trail system has a few off shoots, so it's good to know where you are going.
Lots of nice camp sites at both Lakes.
This last August we saw some Grizz scat but no animals otherwise.

8 months ago

First time we missed the trailhead with Alltrails directions. We were coming west from Spokane. Make sure you turn right onto Prichard Creek Road from Couer d'Alene River Road. Directions link from Alltrails said to go 38 miles on Couer d'Alene river road directly to trailhead. (There is no cell service at all in this area.)

It snowed the night before. We hiked to the lower blossom lake in sun and clouds, with 3 inches of snow on the ground about half way up. We saw huge bear tracks! Also mountain cat and elk tracks. A pair of ruffed grouse walked right over our boots as they searched for food on the trail. They were not shy at all.

It was 45 degrees at the trail head and quite cool at the lake at 3 pm . I'd say upper 30's. We practiced using a water filtration gadget for the first time using blossom lake water - we drank it and two days later, I'm alive to tell about it! Seriously though, our fingers were numb for a long time after getting wet with that experiment.

Others have documented trail details which we found to be accurate. We could have used spikes in spots that were slippery on the downhill, but we did okay in hiking boots. I don't recommend it though unless you are wearing waterproof pants; had I slipped I would have been soaked through in a second. I was not dressed for SNOW on September 23, good grief!

I would actually rate this an easy hike. I know others have offered their opinion on a moderate rating but we did the three miles up in an hour and 20 minutes in the snow without spikes which slowed us up ....pretty fast for a moderate trail. I am a 53 year old female.

The trail itself is shady and not terribly exciting, Fall colors are lovely down below and snow on pines was beautiful but otherwise it was an average trek. We didn't climb to upper blossom or pear cause it was snowier up there. The two camp sites at lower blossom are much prettier than the photos suggest. Great camping spot, easy access! I've never backpacked before but I see this as a great beginner backpack trip.

9 months ago

My wife and I backpacked in to Pear Lake, and stayed the night at the end of the lake. There were a few campers down at Lower Blossom Lake, but we had Pear Lake all to ourselves.

The smoke from the Montana fires was light, but present during our hike up the mountain. On the following morning, the smoke was billowing up from the valley below. We could feel the heat from distant fires being carried on the wind, and the morning sky had an eerie orange glow. We packed up, and beat it down the mountain, as the smoke increased.

We met quite a few day hikers coming up the mountain, as we departed. I can only assume that their hike was a smokey and marginal one at best.

How sad and sickening to see the beautiful mountains of Montana burning!

9 months ago

Hiked in Fri 9/1/17 with 3 kids (15,11,and 7) and a small dog. The hike was a bit challenging at times, but very rewarding once we reached the lake. The trail is well-maintained, and no bugs. There were at least 3 very nice campsites. We got to our campsite a little later than we'd liked, and found ourselves setting up at dusk. Just as we were getting the tent set up, a large bull moose walked within 50 feet of our site and continued down to the water where we heard him splashing around. This was quite a site to witness in such close proximity, but it definitely left us startled and looking over our shoulder the remainder of the trip. We left our packs at the campsite next to us, but we could hear him rummaging around the campsite as we "slept". The next morning we got up to fly fish, and heard rustling in the woods--there he was again! It was fascinating to watch him, and clearly he did not want any trouble with us.

9 months ago

Actually 6.4 mi RT. Excellent, shady, peaceful, and uncrowded. Fri of Labor Day weekend we were the only ones until almost back to TH. Mostly easy with some short stretches of moderate grades. We took the two right forks going up for less steepness and took the other segments returning to save time. No bug problem on Sept 1. Scenery at lake excellent with at least 2 very nice sites for backpacking.

9 months ago

Absolutely beautiful! Make sure you have the energy for the climb, most of the trail is uphill. It let me know how out of shape I really am (although I was trying to keep up with my brother who is in the navy ;) ). The lake is well worth the sweat. Huckleberry bushes were picked clean this time of year, but we still found a few handfuls.
If a more leisure hike is wanted, I would recommend Revett lake that is just over the peak from blossom.

10 months ago

Hiked to Blossom Lake Friday, August 4th, 2017. Had a beautiful campsite right on the lake. HUCKLEBERRIES are plentiful & are still coming on...they are all along the trail & in our campsite as well! Saturday we hiked up to Upper Blossom Lake which is an easy hike . My hiking book said there is no trail to Upper Blossom but that is incorrect. Once you reach Blossom cross to the left of the small creek & continue along the trail staying to the left when you reach a Y in the trail. Trail climbs slightly but then evens out & is very easy. You'll come to another Y with a sign to Pear Lake & Upper Blossom Lake. Pear Lake is definitely more of a climb but well worth it! This hike is rated as easy. We do a lot of hiking & would rate this as moderate. Also the distance is incorrect. It is over 3 miles from the trailhead to Blossom Lake.

10 months ago

Gorgeous hike with infinite possibilities from a simple day hike, over-nighting, multiple lake connections, ridge scrambles, and peak bagging. When we hiked it on 7/29 we went with the simple day hike to the lower lake including a dip in the crystal clear waters.

A few points: I would rate this moderate, not easy. I wonder sometimes if the people doing trail ratings are very fit and rating them according to their level rather than the general population. There is a fair amount of climbing that someone expecting an "easy" hike might be caught off guard with.

An earlier post mentioned that there are a couple of splits in the trail, but regardless which you take you wind up merging back onto the same trail. It's odd to me that they went to the effort to build alternate trails but with no signage or closing the old one off as they often do. I will add that if you are ascending, for both splits, taking the left split will lead you up a shorter, steeper route, while the right takes you up a newer, gentler (and slightly longer) route. So, for now, the choice is yours apparently.

Finally, HUCKLEBERRIES! I was picking them along the trail but saw others lower on the trail foraging. So get there soon! As with a lot of mountain landscapes this year, it looks like the bear grass was phenomenal this year but, sadly, the blooms are now gone.

11 months ago

Beautiful hike, one of our favorites!! The hike up to the lake can be pretty steep at times but we forgot all about that by the time we got to the lake! Well worth it, lake feels secluded (we went at 8 am on a Sunday) and we only ran into 2-3 other small groups the entire time. I recommend packing a lunch and probably even your swim suit to thoroughly enjoy your break at the lake! Good hike for dogs too. We will be back and camp for a night next time!

11 months ago

Easy hike! Wanted something short since I was bringing my 2 year old golden retriever. The hike itself is dry but mostly shaded. The lake was beautiful and clear and perfect to spend the rest of the afternoon in. I went on a weekend and the trail and camping spots were crowded. There was a group of girls doing an overnight that brought their small, yipper dogs that barked all afternoon. Please, if you bring a dog, try to control them.
Bugs weren't terrible- mostly flies, but at least they didn't bite. I noticed more mosquitos in the morning than the evening, but was managed with good bug repellent.

11 months ago

beautiful hike. definitely more of a moderate level though.

11 months ago

This isn't what I'd call an "easy" hike. Especially if you are backpacking. It's more moderate in my mind.

Hike in was totally beautiful with all the flowers blooming! Now I know why they call it blossom lake.

Went in on 4th of July weekend so it was pretty busy. All the campsites were full. Met some good people and did have a good time.

A few notes:
* More trash than I'm used to seeing at mountain lakes. Please keep our lakes clean!
* A few of the camps sites need some work for tents sits. Bring in a shovel if you get a chance and help level some of the pads.

There are a few switchbacks on the way up. Right is longer with less incline. Left is shorter and steeper.

See you guys out there!

11 months ago

We hiked this on 6/23/17. This is absolutely one of my favorite hikes ever. The lakes are BEAUTIFUL (especially Upper Blossom but Lower Blossom is gorgeous too!) The hike to Lower Blossom goes up and down but is steep in some spots. You'll come across two spots in the trail that split with no sign; they both merge in the same place so it doesn't matter which fork you take. You'll hit a creek shortly before you hit Lower Blossom and you'll follow that until you see the lake. It'll take your breath away! To reach Upper Blossom, you have to cross the creek, which isn't hard to do if you're careful. It's not a far hike to Upper Blossom after that. You'll hit a sign that points towards Blossom or Pear Lake. We tried to do Pear Lake as well, but the trail disappeared in the snow and we didn't want to get lost, so we turned back. Blossom Lakes are well worth the hike on their own though! I'm gonna come back later in the season to see Pear Lake, and we want you backpack in to camp as well! There are a few sites at both Blossom Lakes:) I can't wait to do this hike again! It's right by Revett Lake too:)

Friday, June 23, 2017

Backpacked this on 06/20/2017 and planned on putting in way more miles than planned. The hike to Lower Blossom is approximately 3.1 miles in with a gradual ascent most of the way up. You follow a small stream on the last small portion of the trail until it opens up and you see the lake itself. There's a few campsites present with good tree blockage from the wind. Our original plan was to camp here overnight and then turn back the next day. This didn't happen. As a spur of the moment decision, we decided to make our way to Pear Lake. So, we jumped the small stream at Lower Blossom and easily found the trail. This trail has some gradual switchbacks for approximately one mile until you come to a marked fork in the road with two signs - one for Upper Blossom Lake and one for Pear Lake. We took Pear and we're glad we did. It was then a fairly steep ascent up to a small finger ridge that went further south east. By this time we hit the snow where there was still three to four feet in some places. We lost the trail even and had to follow Forest Service tree markings and miraculously made it to the lake before dark. We set up camp and stayed the night. I uploaded some pictures of Pear as well. The next morning we scrambled to the ridge line and peak that overlooked Pear Lake. Instead of hiking back down, we walked the ridge line all the way around to the West where we could see both Blossom Lakes and even Revett Lake. We ended up hiking down into Revett and back out to the truck from that trail at the top of Thompson Pass. Overall I believe it was a 14 mile loop or so. Long, but well worth it. This was a great backpack trip for anyone looking to see some awesome scenery.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Beautiful trail! Lovely mature forest at the bottom. Toward the top there was still snow on the ground. But nothing I couldn't do in tennis shoes. Check out some of the waterfalls to the left of the trail as you near the top. They're not too far off the trail and fun to explore. The lake was nearly all melted and was beautiful, though very cold. If you want some fun, take a ride on the log raft that is up there, sitting on the edge of the lake. If you have the time and feel comfortable scrambling, make your way up the steep hillside on the right and check out the rocky pinnacle. Steep, and the rocks slide a lot, but the top is well worth it for the view and solitude.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Fantastic day hike and exceptional terrain access for such an easy hike. Lower Blossom lake is 3.1 mi in, Upper is another mile above that. Didnt have enough time to scramble to Pear as there was still +4ft of snow at lower Blossom and just increased from there. Even had a nice snow storm while up there. This area never disappoints and highly recommend this hike for beginner to experienced hikers! The mileage on the signs is a little off but worth it!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Nice weekend trail! As of 6/10/17 there is still quite a bit of snow around the lake and on the trail.. We did make it to the lake but it started snowing after one night of camping and the wind was blowing like a hurricane so we packed it in and headed back down.. The lake is still half frozen over as well.. may try this one again in about a month.. Also we heard some strange things up at the camp site even though we were the only ones up there at the time.. not sure if the lake is haunted?

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Such a beautiful payoff when you get to the lake, but OMG talk about uphill!!! This hike is quite the climb. Go in the summer. You will be covered in sweat by the time you get there and won't even mind that the lake is freezing cold! Much more challenging trail than the nearby Revett Lake, even though the lakes are almost identical.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The hike to Blossom Lake is well worth the effort. This is certainly on my top 20 list of day hikes. The drive to the trail head is quite scenic. There is amply parking at the trail head to Blossom Lake. (Please note, it is the same parking for the trail head to Revett Lake) The trail to Blossom Lake is well defined and easy to follow. There are some fair inclines along the way, but I met an elderly lady on her way down, who had just finished the hike with two artificial knees. It is not a Sunday stroll in the park, but it is not an arduous trek either.


If you have already taken the effort to drive up to Thompson Pass, and hiked to Blossom Lake, muster up a bit more energy, and go further, to Upper Blossom Lake. It is smaller than Blossom Lake, but in my opinion, it is the lovelier of the two.


Alright, you have already committed yourself to Blossom Lake and Upper Blossom Lake. Are you SURE you aren't going to press on just a bit further to Pear Lake? On this fine day in November, I did just that, and found it a picture of stunning beauty, frozen over like some winter wonderland. Bring an extra snack and another bottle of water, and do all three lakes. It is well worth it!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Gradual incline, thick forest, viewpoints, and beautiful lake! Definitely a place I'd want to tent camp. We passed about 20 campers on the way back. Ages from 5 years to 70 years. A must do hike with family or solo!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Great hike. I would recommend hitting Upper Blossom and Pear while you are there. The hike from Blossom up is pretty easy and the lakes are great. This is my 6th visit to Blossom this season. Great hike. I would rate it as a moderate trial, as the grade is challenging at times.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Good hike. Shaded trail anytime of day.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Blossom Lake had campers so we went a little further to Upper Blossom. Both were beautiful!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Moderate hiking trail, uphill a lot of the way into the lake but way worth it!!! Little area around lake, one fire pit at far end of lake

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The trail starts off on a pleasant grade initially with minimal elevation gained. After a short time you reach what appear to be new switchbacks with logs or sticks blocking the old shorter trails that should not be used for erosion prevention purposes. After gaining a bit with the switchbacks you'll start a decent climb lasting maybe just over a mile before a descent down to Lower Blossom Lake. The Lower Lake took about an hour & 5 minutes for us going at a decent clip. The lake is nice, has decent fishing access, a number of campsites, & is fairly busy. We continued on to tiny Pear Lake which took about 25 minutes from the signed junction to Upper Blossom Lake/Pear Lake. We had Pear Lake to ourselves which sits below a pretty spectacular cliff. A population of small cutthroat inhabit the lake. The trail goes on to a network of other systems & may gain the ridge above which would be spectacular but turned back here. I believe there may be access from the Burke, ID, side as well after going over 1-2 passes driving and another hiking. Lots of neat exploration in the area. The trail gets a lot of use at least to Blossom, i feel the sign at the trailhead is deceiving stating only 2.5 miles to Blossom & 3.5 to Pear. I believe Blossom is closer to 3 & Pear 4.5. In shape hikers will have no problems with this hike & i would even consider trail running it. Casual hikers may struggle a bit more but i did see (& hear) some young children on the trail. Not the best place for solitude but a good adventure.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

I've never seen a mountain lake before and this was definitely a jaw dropper. My husband and I made it out and back in about three hours. We loved how clearly marked the trail was and all of the places we could stop and sight see. The trail is very well maintained!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Always one of my favorite hikes! I enjoy the views, my dog enjoys the swim, and we both spend a nice day moving outdoors! Bring lots of water and snacks!

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