Alice Lake, Twin Lake, Edith Lake Loop is a 29.3 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Galena, Idaho that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from June until October.

29.3 miles
5,695 feet





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7 days ago

Fantastic hike completed in ten hours. First snow of the year with beautiful fall colors. Trail names (numbers not referenced) are well marked.

20 days ago

We did this hike in three days in the last weekend in June. The weather was perfect and we would absolutely do this again. Like other reviewers, I also recommend hiking clockwise due to the hotter, dryer, final stretch back to Pettite (Pet-it). We stayed camped at Alice and Toxaway Lake and after doing the full hike, would definitely stay at those two lakes if we ever did this again.
Things to note: 1. You cross a river about 5/6 times. I strongly recommend having chocos or some other very secure, sturdy sandal to change in to when doing this. or at least be prepared to change socks or something.
2. Toxaway lake had approx. 500 Billion mosquitos- Deet is an absolute must.
3. There is snow at the top of this trail-I was SO grateful for my trekking poles at this point. Also pants.
4. There is a point on the way back to the car where the trail forks and there is the worst possible signage situation happening. It is towards the end, and you have the option to keep going straight or take a sharp right turn, as though your going back in the direction that you just came from, and you need to take that. You'll have some last minute up-hill action and then you'll drop back down towards pettit.

Please don't be the people that are leaving trash in the mountains. take out what you bring in. And have fun!

1 month ago

Incredible backpacking trip with stellar views and interesting terrain throughout. Switchbacks made for easy ascents and lengthy descents. We did the loop starting at tin cup heading counter-clockwise with camp at Farley Lake on night one and Alice Lake on night two per Backpacker magazine. Could do in one night with a stay at Toxaway, but I would recommend savoring this one!

2 months ago

This is a really difficult hike but well worth it. Camped at Alice Lake 2 nights.

3 months ago

Just completed this trip. Did it over the course of two nights but could be done as an overnight if you’re feeling up to it. Camped at Alice lake (best camp spots are towards the end of the lake. If you cross the creek flowing from Twin Lakes there is a nice secluded spot atop a small cliff. Bring your hammock!) Snowyside Pass was clear of snow and the trail was in great condition. Ran into some snow going over the pass to Edith lake but was easily crossed with trekking poles. There is no camping near the shore of Edith for restoration purposes. Please respect this! Camp in the designated camp area just up the trail from the lake. Water is amazing! Make sure to go for a swim.

I would recommend doing the hike clockwise due to the trail from Edith lake back to the car park having stretches where it is dry, heat exposed, and a touch less pretty. Best to be cruising down hill through this section. An absolutely beautiful hike and will 10/10 do it again. *Be prepared for 183,824,198 mosquitoes* Also, thanks to the trail crews for maintaining such an awesome trail!

3 months ago

Alice lake is one of my favorite lakes in the Sawtooths