Waimea Canyon River Trail

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Waimea Canyon River Trail is a 10.4 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Pokii, Hawaii that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

10.4 miles
3,795 feet
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Beautiful hike down from Kokoe Road into Waimea Canyon. Very steep for the first 2 miles but then relatively flat once you reach the river. Great sight seeing on the way into the canyon. Bring plenty of water as it is very hot in the summer. Recommend getting a camping permit a few weeks in advance as they tend to go quickly during camping season.

13 days ago

See kukui trail for the starts.
But once you reach the river and go north, that's where the trouble starts. First, you'll need to have river crossing shoes (you can't just hop from rock to rock). I think 4 river crossing (x2 if you come back). ALSO, at one point after the second campground, you end up in a very dense jungle. There MIGHT be another way, another trail, I don't know. But there were signs that it was there (including an actual sign saying this was the trail, and you could kind of see that this was the way of lesser resistance, but still, it was very hard). It was dense foliage, walking at much slower pace than 0.5 mile/hour, and the foliage would cut you along the way. I had rash all over my forearms and legs for about a week... Maybe wear long sleeves? Anyhow, be prepared, or find a better route!

15 days ago

Not recommended, especially in winter! Car thieves are prevalent and will break into your car- our window was smashed and everything was stolen. If it rains then the river crossings turn into raging torrents that will either prevent you from continuing or will trap you from being able to return until the waters recede, typically after twelve hours (happened to us). Half a mile of this trail was solid overgrowth of plants shoulder-high with burrs that completely scratched up our legs and arms. The waterfall is nothing special, maybe a five foot drop. On the plus side, we did see beautiful views, wild boars, and many plants including coffee trees, citrus and banana. It just wasn’t worth losing everything that was in our car!

1 month ago